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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Aluminum Foil Frozen Paint Art in Preschool

We are exploring winter in preschool. Not an easy feat in South Florida but it's important to expose the children to it so we've been having lots of fun exploring ice. One of the fun hands-on art explorations the children enjoyed was painting with frozen paint on aluminum foil. It was a "cool" sensory experience and the finished products were works of art that we proudly displayed.

Aluminum Foil Frozen Paint Art in Preschool

Set-up is super easy - just freeze paint in ice cube trays overnight and add popsicle sticks for easy handling.  I used vibrant fluorescent colored biocolor paint. I love this paint - it's shiny, adheres to lots of surfaces with great coverage yet cleans easily off the kids hands. (I'm NOT affiliated with the paint or company in the link - just genuinely a fan!)

I provided my preschoolers with aluminum foil to paint on versus paper because I thought it would be better with the melting paint cubes and it would provide a different experience for them to explore as well. 

It was a hit.

They LOVED feeling the squishy, melting paint on their hands. The sticks were ditched pretty quickly.  Even as they giggled over how cold the paint felt, they coated their hands with it. It was a wonderful sensory experience for them.

They mixed colors, 

made handprints and 
traced designs with their fingertips,

and just enjoyed the process of it all. 

Our finished products may not be much to look at 
from an outsider but to us they are true works of art.

Happy frozen painting!


  1. Look so fun and such beautiful results!

  2. I think the end results are beautiful. What a fun activity! Those kids are lucky to have such a great teacher.

  3. oh my! That looks like the mess is worth the fun!!!

  4. oh my! That looks like the mess is worth the fun!!!


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