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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ebay's Holiday Gift Guide - Top 10 Toys for Lil Divas

Are you a store or online shopper? I do a bit of both because it's retail therapy for me but sometimes the crowds, bustle and grumpy shoppers get to me. That's when I head to my laptop for some easy online shopping. One of my got to online shopping sites is of course eBay. I LOVE eBay! Not only do my husband and I frequently shop on eBay but I am also an eBay seller. You just can't beat great prices, the thrill of finding all kinds of fabulous deals (you have to admit those auctions are pretty addictive & thrilling!) and being able to shop from the comfort of your own home.

This holiday season eBay has really made the process of holiday shopping even easier by offering their Gift Guide to shoppers. It is broken down into easy to search categories by both recipient and price. They have made it so simple to find gift ideas for everyone on your list. Of course, If you're a mom like me, the majority of your holiday shopping consists of toys, toys and even more toys. I was super excited to find that not only does eBay have a great selection of the hottest toys around, you can even shop the Toys-R-Us store and never leave eBay. How awesome is that? You are getting the best of both worlds with lots of added convenience. Now, that's my idea of stress-free shopping.

To make my holiday shopping easier - I try to plan way ahead of time. I research prices online, searching for the best deals. I look up reviews and compare brands to ensure I am buying the best product for my money. Then I get shopping. Whenever I am shopping online, I head to eBay because it's so convenient. I can even do it right from my iPhone using their mobile app and for even more ideas I follow them on Twitter and Facebook to get all their latest updates and I even check out their fun pins on Pinterest too.

Top 10 Gifts for Lil Divas

My 2 Lil Divas have been making their Christmas lists for some time now. They have been working very hard to get each and every item listed. They drew lots of lovely pictures for Santa and even included messages for Mrs. Claus, the reindeer and the elves as well. I think they are trying to cover all their bases to ensure the maximum gift return.

So what's on their Christmas list this year? I know you are just itching to know so I thought I would share each Lil Divas Top 5 "Wished For" Gifts this year (via eBay):

The Oldest Diva (almost 7yrs) is wishing for:

 Large Modern Dollhouse for all her Barbie & Princess Dolls
I have to say that this doll house is pretty awesome.
I would have loved something like this growing up.

 Purple Plum Fairy Furby
Good ol' Furby is really making a comeback.
I never really saw the appeal but for some reason
he is topping both my Lil Divas list this year.

 Barbie Photo Fashion Doll
The Oldest Diva is a huge Barbie fan and she
is pretty bent on having this photo Barbie doll.
Both girls do enjoy taking photos so I can see it's appeal. 

Password Journal
I find it funny that the Oldest Diva wants a journal
with a voice activated password lock.
I wonder what deep, dark secrets she has that require such protection? 

Mario Kart Game for her DS
I loved Mario growing up? Did you?
This is one game I'd like to play too.

The Littlest Diva (5 1/2 years) is wishing for:

The Littlest Diva is pretty insistent 
on getting a "big girl" bike this year.
This one in pink and featuring Barbie is definitely her dream bike.

This pink and black Hello Kitty Light-Up Scooter
is so fun & girly - I can see why she wants it so badly.

 Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands
The Littlest Diva loves accessories and bling.
She is our resident Fashionista so this is an ideal gift for her. 

Collector Holiday Barbie 2012
She is gorgeous. I want one too!
Do you think the Lil Divas will share with me?

The Littlest Diva loves playing Moshi Monsters online.
She really wants this game to keep the fun going on the road.

Of course the Lil Divas have lots more items on their lists but these are their TOP 10 Christmas Wish List Items for 2012. What toys are topping your kids list this year? 

Happy Shopping!

DisclaimerI wrote this review while participating in a blog tour for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of eBay. I received a product sample to thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. I love ebay, I shop there all the time. What is your ebay username?

  2. The password journal is one my first grader's list too and it totally cracks me up!

    1. Isn't it funny! Wonder what they have to write in there that's so TOP SECRET? hehe

  3. After reading your blog it gave me so great ideas for some christmas shopping for my daughter and nieces. thank you for the heads up i will go check out ebay now to see what i can find

    1. Wonderful! So happy you got some ideas. There's so much on their Holiday Guide - for everyone, not just kids. Be sure to check it out for the whole family :)

  4. I'm also addicted to to ebay thanks for the suggestions

  5. I never thought of using ebay for christmas shopping but thanks for the suggestions!

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