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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lil Diva Weekly Wrap-up 9/16/12

Now that school and extra curricular activities are in full swim our days feel so busy! I feel as if I am on the go all day long. How do you stay energized and focused with a hectic schedule? I have been feeling so tired lately. I'd love some tips and tricks - how do you all manage it all and still keep going?

Having me back at work is definitely taking some adjustment on all our part. I think we are doing well though and I have to say that I am really enjoying myself. Teaching preschool is fast-paced and busy but it is also filled with so much fun and joy - how can you not love it?

You know what I miss the most this year? Having some laid back time with the Lil Divas. Now that both are in elementary school our afternoons are filled with not only their extracurricular activities but  homework (yes, the dreaded homework) and practicing for weekly spelling tests, etc. Of course, I put my own play to learn spin on it and try to make things fun but it's definitely been harder to have time for our own fun stuff on top of the "must do" school stuff.

I am doing my best to keep things going in a fun and light way here at home but I sure do have many moments when I miss those carefree days that we have now officially left behind. Isn't it hard to watch our babies grow up right before our eyes? I find myself wanting to freeze time, to make it go just a little bit slower because although I know the Lil Divas are still young - it all seems to be going so fast.

So here's what we shared this past week on the blog

from our archive. There is lots of fun inspiration here if I do say so myself.

I shared our Top 10 
we have read these many times over & I will be sharing
them with my preschoolers this year as well.

We Got Arty 
for this month's Kids Get Arty -
I am so happy to be part of this series. 
It has been such a fun way to explore great artists with the Lil Divas.
Have you joined in yet? I urge you to give it a go!

We joined in on the fun for the release of
complete with a Golden Ticket Giveaway for a iPad!
Did you find all 5 Golden Tickets yet?

This week's Preschool Sneak Peek 
was our "I Can!" Theme.
What a fun confidence building & fine motor skills fostering week.

and don't forget to check out this week's Sunday Showcase -
We have featured lots of Apple themed fun perfect for the start of fall.
What will catch your eye and inspire you?
What will you share with us this week?

Thanks for sharing our week with us!


  1. I understand what you are experiencing. Several years ago, a friend of mine warned me that once my kids were in school, my evenings would become crazy. She was right! Juggling work, children's activities, mom responsibilities, and blogging can be a challenge. Fitting sleep into the mix makes it even more so! I also miss getting to take my boys to the fall pumpkin patches and other outings we did when they were young. Anyway, thanks for hosting another great linky party!

    1. Bonny, yes doesn't the juggling make you miss simpler days. I miss being able to do what we want when we wanted to. I am thankful that I got to experience those days with my girls. I just have to try to make the most out of the time we have when we are all together.

  2. I know what you mean! I generally try to get some grocery shopping done during my lunch hour and also utilize my weekday evenings for chores, etc. Then, I can kick back in the weekends and not feel guilty about it!!

    1. Roshni, I like your suggestions. A huge part of my weekend is spent on errands, laundry, etc. If I can fit a few of those things in during the week it might give us some more free time on the weekends. Thank you for taking some time to comment here.

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