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Friday, September 21, 2012

Friendship Week in Preschool

Last week, was Friendship Week in preschool. My goal was to help the children get to know each other - learn some names of fellow classmates, work cooperatively, introduce the idea of teamwork, encourage them to play together, share, discover things they had in common,  and learn what it means to be a "good" friend. It was important stuff for preschool where socialization and emotional growth are some of our main focuses.

So what activities did we do to encourage friendship?

Buddy Painting
The children finger painted in pairs, working together to make a Buddy Masterpiece.

Friendship Art Collage
We created a Class Friendship Collage. Every student had a hand in what went into this work of art. Once it was dry we hung it outside so everyone else could see.

Colored Pasta Friendship Necklaces
This was one of my favorite activities. The children worked to lace colored pasta onto some yarn to create Friendship Necklaces. Once completed, they gave the necklace to a friend. It was so cute to watch them exchange these necklaces. 

Friendship Chain
No pictures of this one sorry but to make the Friendship chin I simply cut long strips of paper and let the children decorate 1 side freely. Then I taped them together to form a Friendship Chain that we displayed outside.

Friendship Fruit Salad
So easy and such yummy fun to work together to make a Friendship Fruit Salad. For us, that basically meant that all little hands worked together to prepare the salad and then we all sat and enjoyed the fruits of our labor together (I couldn't resist it!). 

Friendship Charts
I encouraged sharing and team work by encouraging the children to work and play together all week. We discussed what friends do and made a class chart of our answers. It is aways so fun to hear their responses. I had answers like Friends..... jump on the bed, play together, eat cookies, go to the beach, share together, dance and a few others. I hang these outside our class so the parents can read them during drop-off and/or pick-up. They are perfect for a smile.

Books We Read:

Next week we kick off our Apple Theme!



  1. Great work!I often wonder how hard it must be to integrate all types of children into school, I was a very confident child so that was never a worry for my parents but if you have a slightly quieter child it must be a huge concern, thank goodness people like are there to help them along :)

  2. This post makes me smile! I love the thought of them doing all of those friendship activities. So sweet!

  3. I love these ideas. Currently trying to figure out how to nonchalantly mention them to my daughters teacher :)

    1. I am a preschool teacher and if a parent was willing to help with the project then the suggestion would be well received!

  4. How do you deal with equality with necklaces??

    1. Very good question. I would suggest telling the kids that each person has to have one necklace from a friend at the end of the exchange.

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