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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Colorful Mud Concoctions {via Mommy Labs}

Today's guest post if from the creative Rashmie of Mommy Labs. Rashmie and her daughter Pari are always engaged in fun creative learning activities. One day they will be learning multiplication by Making Math Artful, Creating Indoor Obstacle Courses or Collaging a Self Portrait

I will now turn things over to Rashmie, who is going to share 
Mud Concoctions & Play

 I have two reasons to be excited while writing this article today. One - I'm getting an opportunity to write on this lovely, creative blog owned by Bern who's a terrific person. I've always received positive, friendly vibes from her. I believe a lot in the energy the vibes carry - no matter how far apart the 'sender' and the 'receiver' are. So, even though I'm oceans away here in India, I am sending you all joyful vibes. :-)

  Okay, and the second reason for my excitement is the subject of the post - MUD!

 June 29th is International Mud Day - a day that's gaining recognition around the world for the message it spreads - that mud play is very important for children because it restores the free, explorative nature of their play, soothes their mind and soul, helps them play peacefully with each other and basically - makes play so much more free spirited, joyful and healing. 

 In this post, I share with you some imaginative play in our mud pie kitchen, which I built for my daughter on our apartment balcony.


Even though not having a backyard was a constraint when it came to mud play, I still wanted to give it a try. Knowing how much Pari would love making mud pies, cookies and cakes, I set up a Mud Pie Kitchen using some odds and ends from around the house.


An un-used coffee table became the kitchen counter; coconut shells came in handy to make the perfect pies; the flower pots were used to store mud; an egg carton was used for pretend baking; and some natural elements - acorns, leaves and pods were used very enthusiastically to add 'flavour' to her cooking! It warms my heart to see the exploration and innovations that happen here. One day she's using it as a bakery, another day to make magic potions and recently - some colourful concoctions using paint. Here are some pictures of her colourful mud concoctions for you to enjoy.


Mud Play is so irresistible, we've had kids coming over every day to play. Even adults from the family!

Chocolate Sauce, anyone?


Or, may be you prefer strawberry cooler! :-)


Mud Pie Kitchen can take pretend play to another level!


Popsicle sticks, spatula, old baking tray, old cookie cutters - the kids tinkered to their heart's content. Freedom is the key to making play joyful for children. And, I think mud play offers infinite possibility for this kind of play. The un-structured nature of play without adult intervention is what children relish. And, while they're playing, they ARE learning - in the most natural way - driven by their own intuition and passion. They are incorporating their real-world experiences into their play. I would let Pari play in and with mud to her heart's content - for as long as she wanted.

What about you? :-) Do you encourage mud play for your child?

 Rashmie writes about natural and creative learning for children at Mommy Labs. She takes inspiration from art, travel, books, photography and most essentially - the spiritual energy of nature to nurture curiosity and sense of wonder in young souls.


  1. Love this! We have a digging hole I our yard which yesterday, thanks to some pool water, turned into a mud pit. The kids had a blast!

  2. I love that you adapted the play to the space you have. Mud play is fun no matter what your age!

  3. looks like they were having fun

  4. my son loves this type of imaginary play. what fun

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