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Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Fun: TP Roll Binoculars & A Nature Walk

Summer is in full swing & we have been busy, busy, busy! Swim lessons, playdates, learning fun and of course crossing items off of our Summer Bucket List

One of our recent activities was crafting some snazzy TP Roll Binoculars and going on a little Nature Exploration around our neighborhood. 

What You Need:
2 TP rolls or 1 Paper Towel Roll
decorative paper or paint

We opted to use decorative paper to cover our TP Rolls because we wanted to use them right away but you can also paint these if you have more time.

The Lil Divas each chose what design they wanted and I cut the paper to fit around the TP Rolls.

Each Lil Diva covered the back of their paper with glue and rolled the TP Roll up around it.

To make the top/bottom of the binoculars we used black tape for the zebra striped pair and purple foam for the other pair.

I cut another strip of matching paper to fit in the middle. The Lil Divas once again covered the back of the paper with glue. Then, we put both rolls on each end and rolled them to meet in the middle. I added some glue to the top and bottom to further bind them together.

Finally, we attached some string (we stapled them inside the rolls) & we we were ready to test them out outdoors!

How cute are they?

I was quite amused at how the Lil Divas were using them like magnifying glasses but they seemed to think it was absolutely fabulous and we had a great nature walk through our neighborhood. We looked at flowers and lots and lots of bugs.

Then we spied some birds in the trees and my Lil Nature Explorers were able to intently watch them through their snazzy binoculars. :)

What an easy craft (added bonus we were able to use recyclables!) and what a fun way to spend some time exploring with my two favorite girls.



  1. These are fantastic! I've shard this on the Weekly Kid's Co-op FB wall. Thanks for linkng up!

    1. thanks so much for sharing! We had lots of fun with them.

  2. Love it Bern! I remember playing with these when I was little too. What fun. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post with the Weekly Kid's Co-op. I will feature this post as part of my roundup of this week's linky party and also pin a picture from your post onto our very popular Weekly Kids' Co-op interest board :). xoxo P

    1. Yay, thanks for featuring us and pinning it too! :) Exciting!

  3. They are amazing - especially the zebra ones.

  4. I think my little guys will love these. They're only 18 months, so I'm not sure how much they can help making them yet, but I know they will love to look through them and explore. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Found your blog via No Time for Flash Cards.

    ~Holli @

    1. hi Holli! Thanks so much for visiting. These would definitely be lots of fun for your little guys to play with :)

  5. love how you included a string on the binoculars! I've linked up to you here:

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