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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Play to Learn: 15 Ways to Encourage Letter Formation & Handwriting Practice

My preschooler will be a kindergartener in just a few months!
(This is causing serious pangs to my mommy heart!)
I want to make sure she is well prepared,
with a solid foundation on which to build, grow & learn.

I have been spending some time reviewing the alphabet with her -
focusing on letter identification (upper & lower case recognition), 
letter formation (handwriting) & 
phonetic awareness of letter sounds.

There are so many ways you can make this fun for kids 
by incorporating fun materials, 
making it hands-on and/or active (kids love to move & get physical!)
or just turning it into a game (I find kids learn so much through play!)

I have been meaning to share some of the ways I explore the alphabet with my girls with you.
Today, I am going to share some fun ways to teach 
& encourage proper letter formation!

15 Ways to Encourage 
Letter Formation 
Handwriting Practice

1. Shaving Cream Writing

2. Salt or Sugar Writing

3. Paint in a Ziploc Baggie

4. Tactile Letter Formation -
use things like cotton balls, macaroni, stickers, beads, beans & more

5. Wikki Stix Letter Formation
you can also use pipe cleaners, cooked spaghetti

6. Craft Stick Letter Formation
This doesn't work for all letters but it's fun to do with the ones that work.

7. Foam Letter Puzzles
cut basic foam shapes that correspond to block letters
and they can be used to make the alphabet

8. Letter Puzzles
color & cut block letters into puzzle pieces

9. Playdough Letters

10. Whiteboard Letter Writing

11. Water Writing on Chalkboard

12. Fingerprint Letter Writing

13.  Dot Marker Letters

14.  Cookie Cutter Letter Stamping

15. Formal Paper & Pencil Practice
to make it more exciting I let them use gel pens, 
markers, sharpies, colored pencils, smencils, etc.

Have fun practicing writing those letters!



  1. very put this together wonderfully! Will share with others too. Thank you! Well done!

  2. Terrific group of ideas, thanks so much, Bern - we'll be needing these now as my daughter has embarked on reading and writing!

    1. Wonderful Chrissy! We have had lots of success by focusing on writing in a fun way. Both my girls love to write and have many, many journals filled with their secret notes and drawing! :) Best of luck and have fun with your daughter.

  3. Really great ideas I used some of the with my 6 year old son he has special needs and it really worked to help him learn just to spell his name. I spent a week doing different things with him. He knew his letters but just couldn't get his name together I should have named him Bo and not Stephen.. lol I am also homeschooling my 8 year old, he is doing well but i will keep checking your blog for new ideas, you can never have too many!! Thank you!!

  4. These are all awesome! I love how comprehensive your list is.

  5. All great ideas so nicely put together ! Thank you

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