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Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Attempt at (Modified) Screen Free Week

Have you heard?
April 30th thru May 6th is Screen Free Week!

Let me just admit that the thought of going completely Screen Free is

When you think about how much we do on the computer each day,
I knew I couldn't go 100% Screen Free but........
if I am also going to be 100% honest,
I do spend way too much time on the computer!

So, in honor of Screen Free Week I have decided to make some changes
that I know will benefit my family, free up quite a bit of my time 
& get me focused on what is directly in front of me versus on the web.

Here are my 
Screen Free Week Goals:

1. Be Screen Free when I am with my kids! - I am so guilty of checking email, Facebook & Twitter for a quick minute from my laptop, phone, etc throughout the day. Of course, it never really lasts one quick minute does it? The internet is a time suck for me (is it that way for you too?) - I get pulled in & time passes around me. I vow to be 100% present with my kids this week, everything else can wait.

2. No TV for the girls - I am not against television (I LOVE my TV actually) but it's nice to break away from it and spend time engaged in activities that will get us talking, interacting, etc. This week we will play board games, play outdoors more, read, craft and just spend time together. I figure I will take their lead so it should be interesting! 

3. Limit MY Screen Time - This is going to be a big one for me! My nights typically involve me sitting in bed with my shows on and my laptop on my lap (does this scenario sound familiar?) as I work on blog posts, catch up on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc........ the list goes on and on doesn't it! I am up till the wee hours of the morning because I never let myself simply relax and get sleepy. So this week I am limiting my time to no more than 2 hrs at night (my goal is to actually keep it at 1 hr but I am being realistic & know that will be difficult for me). I hope to catch up on some books that I've been meaning to read for ages, spend time with my husband, get some more sleep than I usually do and just have some time to relax! I definitely do NOT do those things enough! (Do you?)

I figured just doing these 3 things would add up to some big changes for us and that's the main goal behind screen free week. So although, I won't be 100% Screen Free (I have some commitments I need to keep for the girls school and some work that I need to get done so it just isn't possible) I expect the week will be filled with lots of family time, hopefully some "ME" time and some much needed relaxation. My life has been very fast paced lately and I have been feeling tired, stressed out and incredibly overwhelmed. I am hoping this week will give me a bit of much needed respite from all that.

Will you be taking part in Screen Free Week?
I'd love to hear what you will be doing (or should I say NOT doing)
and how you are making it work for you?

Need some ideas for what to do 
with the kids during Screen Free Week?

Well, you are definitely at the right place :)
We have tons of fun inspiration here! Check out our -

I will still be posting this week so don't fret!  I will be sharing some awesome (prescheduled) reviews and amazing giveaways/sweepstakes with you in honor of my birthday.  I couldn't just leave you hanging like that, could I? I worked hard this weekend to get posts done ahead of time (that's rare for me). So be sure to continue stopping by as our little blog won't be asleep for the week. I am just trying to find more of a balance which I think is essential, don't you? 



  1. My girl's school had no screen week last week... they did it! We made a poster board with pictures of all the stuff they did last week... even being home sick they stayed committed :) {now mommy on the other hand....}
    We are lucky the school offered lots of after school activities last week to keep the kids busy.

  2. Hi Bern,

    It has been a pleasure reading your blog.
    And I'm experiencing the same thing with you.

    Sometimes I wish that I could spend more time with Timmy, doing science experiments, arts and crafts, physical exercise, learning things together...

    I just feel guilty for not spending enough time with Timmy...letting him play games nearly all day long...
    Do you ever feel that way?

    Well, let's make this week a screen free week and spend more time with our little ones...
    Because today will NEVER be repeated again...


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