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Monday, April 9, 2012

Kid Craft: Egg Carton Floral Fairy Hair Wreath

If your house is anything like mine,
Easter brought lots of extra eggs into your shopping cart.

Once all the eggs have been boiled and decorated 
do you just trash  the containers?

We saved a few so that we could participate in

I had some ideas in mind so I gave
the Lil Divas a few suggestions 
& they decided to make egg carton flowers.

The Oldest Diva opted out at the last minute
so the Littlest Diva worked hard with me to
cut and turn the egg carton pieces into flowers.

She painted all the flowers herself & we let them dry overnight.
(look at that tongue - a sure sign of hard work!)

The next day, the Littlest Diva proudly proclaimed
she wanted to be a Garden Fairy & we were to turn
our egg carton flowers into a fancy wreath for her hair!

I LOVED her idea! 

Here's how we did it:
Take your painted flowers and using a pen, pencil or other sharp object -
poke 2 holes so that you can thread a pipe cleaner through as shown below.

Thread all your flowers, adding extra pipe cleaners as needed.
Measure to ensure it will fit before you close it up!

Voila, an adorable (& upcycled) 
Fairy Flower Wreath!

How cute does she look?!

She requested we keep one flower and turn it into a bracelet.
Fairies must be properly accessorized, in case you didn't know.

The Littlest Diva put on her favorite Fairy costume
and played in her flower wreath headband all afternoon.

She has informed me that she now needs a necklace.
Luckily, I still have a few extra egg cartons around!

What can you create with an egg carton?

Join the fun & link up to Tinkerlab's Egg Carton Challenge:



  1. Your girls are gorgeous, and very talented!

  2. Just lovely! You can see how much she enjoyed herself.

    1. she wanted to take a bath in it! Always a sign of a sure hit!

  3. The wreath and bracelet are so pretty!
    And the girls :)

    1. thank you. My Lil Diva loved imagining she was a garden fairy!

  4. That is really pretty for a very beautiful girl.

  5. Can I just say how much I love this! So colorful and fun. You do the best activities with your girls and they are gorgeous. Pinning for sure! Vicky from

  6. Those are so cute! I know my girl would love to wear something so cool ;-)

  7. So pretty and your daughters look great with these floral crowns!

  8. Very innovative! This is very creative and perfect for the kids! I really loved the materials you put to complete this floral fairy hair wreath. We did an Egg Carton Color Sorting Activity game out of the same materials you used. You should check it out! :) Preschool Egg Carton Color Sorting Activity

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