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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fun Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with Kids!

Happy Easter!

We already shared that we always use
We had so much fun dyeing our Easter Eggs this weekend -
I know it's a bit late but I just had to share.

Melted Crayon Egg Decorating
 The Lil Divas LOVED decorating this way!
Just look at those hard at work faces below :)

What You Need:
HOT Hardboiled Eggs

This was SUPER EASY!
If you have not tried this method - do it!

Just hard boil your eggs and while they are still hot
use crayons to draw/decorate on them.

Tip: Put them on a surface little hands can easily manipulate to minimize them actually having to touch the hot egg. The egg cartons worked well for us. The Lil Divas could shift the carton around to work on the different sections of the egg. I helped when ever the egg had to be lifted/moved.

The crayon glides on smoothly, melting right onto the hot egg
which produces some awesome looking results. 
This looked so fun, even I had to get in on it - 
I decorated the one in the middle!

Shaving Cream & Food Coloring Marbleized Eggs

Ok, this was a bit of a fail and I almost left it out of the post but figured it would be good to show that we don't always have success around here and maybe someone can offer tips to get this to actually work better next time.

What You Need:
hardboiled eggs
food coloring
shaving cream
dish or tray to work on
lots & lots of napkins!

Dip your eggs in vinegar before you start dyeing - 
this is supposed to help seal in the color.

1. We started with our shaving cream and added dots of food color
as we did for our Marbleized Hearts - love how this looks on paper!

2. Using the tip of a paintbrush swirl food color to give a fun marbled look.
Tip: You don't want to swirl too much 
or the colors end up getting too mixed and brownish.

3. Drop in egg and cover with mixture completely.
(we used gloves since food coloring will get on your hands!)

4. Remove eggs and let sit with shaving cream mixture.

Here's where something went wrong. :(

After a few hours I used a napkin to wipe off the shaving cream and there was a mere hint of color on the eggs. I have seen this around the web and it was done successfully, so I know it's possible. (See here and here if you are interested). I wonder if it was the brand of food coloring ir if we just didn't use enough? I really wanted this to work but they didn't end up as bright or colorful as I had pictured.

Tie Dye Easter Eggs
This was my favorite! Gorgeous, vibrant eggs!

What You Need:
food color
paper towels
spray bottle
plastic baggies
rubber bands

What To Do:
1. Start by putting 3 napkins on a tray or other work surface.
2. Add dots of food color as desired.

3. Fill your spray bottle with water and add a few tsp of vinegar.
4. Spray the napkin till it's wet and colors have bled together.

5. Put hardboiled egg in middle of napkin and wrap it so that
napkin touches each part of egg and excess is on top.
(see photo below)

6. Put wrapped egg in plastic baggie and tie with rubber band.

7. Let sit for a few hours - the longer they marinate the brighter the colors!

These turned out GREAT!

We also made some 
Oil & Vinegar Marbleized Eggs
We did these last year too & they are so easy.

For these just add a tsp. or two of oil into your food coloring mixture
& then dip your egg into 1 color & remove.
 Gently wipe off the excess oil and then dip into another color! 

Dip into as many colors as you like for a cool marbled effect.

We had a lot of FUN dyeing & decorating our eggs for Easter.
Here is one final shot of all the eggs we decorated this year.

Happy Easter 
from our family to yours!



  1. I love those tie dyed eggs!!! I can't wait to do them next year! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the tie dyed eggs also. You have a really cool blog! Will be back often!!

  3. Those tie dyed eggs are amazing!

  4. I love the tie dyed eggs.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  5. I love all the ways you made eggs! I think the tie dye ones are my favorite too. I didn't know you were in south Florida, it would have been fun to meet you at the zoo. We loved the zoo! It's so nice that the animals are close, but still have large areas to roam. I'm missing my cordadito this morning!

  6. I love your different ideas. Tie dye one look gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

  7. I don't need to use a kit next year. I just need use these wonderful ideas!

  8. What great ideas!! They came out so beautiful! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  9. Those tie dye eggs look fantastic!

    Thanks for sharing with the Afterschool Blog Hop!

  10. Wow fantastic ideas!

    Thanks for sharing on Hey Mom, Look What I Did at Adventures In Mommy Land!!

  11. this maybe a crazy question, but are the shells on the eggs when you tie dye them?

  12. The shaving cream works just have to use neon food dye

  13. Love the tie dye eggs, I am going to do this with my girly in a few minutes. I hope ours look half as good as yours. Thanks. :)

  14. Hey Bern & Lil Divas ~~ THANK YOU for sharing your awesome ideas for egg dyeing :) My G'daughter and I dyed eggs today... tried the shaving creme method ... eh :( Not impressed with the results, and we did use neon colors. But then we tried the tie dye eggs ... AWESOME! We LOVE how they turned out, and we will not be buying that junk in the stores anymore... You've sold us, and we BOTH chimed in the same time .... "these are the BEST EGGS EVER!" Thanks for the fun!

    1. so glad you enjoyed it! They are so colorful and fun when done this way. We did some again this year. It's by far my favorite method to date!

  15. When I did the shaving cream today, all I did was this=
    1. Spread cheap white shaving cream in a cookie sheet
    2. Apply drops of neon food coloring across surface
    3. Use toothpicks to swirl colors around
    4. Roll the dried, cooled hardboiled eggs in the colorful cream (we used disposable kitchen gloves to reduce the tattoo effect)
    5. Allow to set for 3-4 minutes on a paper plate
    6. Wipe off shaving cream with paper toweling

    It worked really good.

    1. Thanks for sharing Katelyn your experience - so glad it worked for you. A few others have told me that the neon coloring works much better. I'll have to give it a try. I didn't buy any this year and when I did go to look for it - it was no where to be found, so we skipped it this year but It will definitely be something I have to revisit. :) You give me hope that I can get better results.

  16. These looks great. Loke the patterns from the tie dye eggs.

  17. We did the tye dye eggs with the paper towel turned out amazing!! We experimented with napkins paper towels and shop towels and discovered shop towels worked the best and the colors were very vibrant! We were worried when we first did them cuz the shop towel looked almost black when we got it wrapped and in the bag but that didnt affect it at all and colors all over the egg looked amazing! By far coolest idea ive tried. thanks for sharing and recommend doing this with adults or older children and WEAR GLOVES!! And the longer in the fridge in the bag the BETTER!

  18. Hi!

    I just tried the tie dye technique and shaving cream technique with my preschoolers. I linked my readers to your blog from my most recent post:

    I did get great results from the shaving cream eggs (I was a bit nervous), I skipped the vinegar dip, used regular food coloring, and just enough shaving cream to cover the bottom of our tray - I was happy with them and we made paper eggs to take home as well.

    Thanks for the ideas!

  19. Loved this idea so much featuring it on my easter egg round up

  20. Hello, do you know if the tie dye colours would show up well on brown eggs? In the UK we don't really have white eggs :)

    1. I just tried it today on brown eggs and it worked great.

  21. I had no problem with shaving cream have to make sure it is cream not gel, and I never used vinegar. Also make sure it is liquid not gel coloring. Ours were bright and beautiful! :-)

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