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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dr. Seuss Inspired Wordless Wednesday - I Wish That I Had....

It's Seuss Week!

Yesterday we read I Wish That I Had Duck Feet.
I love reading this book with kids.
It always leads to so much laughter and great conversation.

After reading, I asked the Oldest Diva (age 6 - Kindergarten) to draw a picture of what she wished she had. This is what she shared with me - 

I LOVE it! 
When I asked her what such a creature would be named 
she quickly answered, "It's a birdmaid, mommy." Well, of course it is! :)

Don't you just love a child's imagination?! 

This simple activity was used to encourage creativity, write in complete sentences and make use of inventive (& phonetic) spelling. All of these are important skills for my Kindergartener. 



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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pre-K & K Seuss Math w/One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

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Today we revisited the Dr. Seuss classic
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish 
and enjoyed some fish themed math fun.

Fishing For Numbers

What You Need:
foam fish cut-outs
paper clips
permanent marker

1. I used 20 fish cut-outs but you can write anything you want -
letters, spelling words, sight words, etc...

2. Attach a paper clip onto front of each fish -
only put it in half way to leave room for hooking.

3. Fashion a fishing rod out of string/yarn and an opened paper clip.

How To Play:
1. Put fish face down into a tub with water.
2. Let child hook fish & pull it out of water.
3. Have child read the number.
4. Repeat until all fish have been caught.

The Lil Divas really enjoyed fishing in their bathtub -
so much FUN!

5. Once all fish are out, have child put them in number order.
This was great practice for my preschooler who I am excited to announce
enjoyed this so much, she was begging to do it over & over again.

This was great practice for those fine motor skills (hooking the fish), 
number recognition, counting and number order.

Fish Patterns

Using Pepperidge Farm rainbow goldfish 
the Littlest Diva worked on making various patterns.

I started some and she had to complete the pattern
and others she came up with on her own.

She got creative and started changing the positioning of the fish 
in her patterns versus just the colors which was great. 

Goldfish Addition

Using swedish goldfish candy we worked on some addition.
The Lil Divas sorted the fish by color and then I had them add various colors
to tell me the total number of fish.  

We also rolled our foam dice to make number sentences 
and used the fish as manipulatives to help count the answer.

This was a great sorting, counting and addition activity.


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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ten Apples Up On Top - Sight Word Game & Balancing Fun

To kick off Seuss Week 2012 
we read and had fun with Ten Apples Up On Top.

Ten Apples Up On Top Sight Word Game

What You Need:
8x10 photo of child
apple cut-outs with sight words
magnetic tape

How To Play:
1. Write sight words on the apple cut-outs.
2. Apply magnetic tape to the back of the apple cards.
3. Using a magnet have child bob for apples (see photo below)
You can have them fish for them using string & paper clips too.
4. Read the sight word. If correct place on top of head in photo.
If incorrect it goes back into the pile for another try later.

Read as many of the sight words as you can.
You can have a winner with whoever reads the most correctly or whoever gets 10 apples up on top first. We opted to just play for fun and not to have a winner since the girls are not on the same reading level. They just read as many words as they could and we celebrated each for their best effort!

Balancing Apples Up On Top

The Lil Divas were begging to balance apples on their heads like the animals did in the story. We didn't get past 3 (for a few seconds - I couldn't take the photo fast enough!) but we sure had lots of fun trying!


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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Join The Ultimate Dr. Seuss Linky Party & Share Your Seuss Fun!

This week it's all about Dr. Seuss! 
Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss' birthday is on March 2nd.
What better way to celebrate than with a linky party!

Join me & some fabulous bloggers who are helping me spread the word 
in the hopes that we can make this linky a fabulous Seuss resource. 

So, come one, come all & share your kid friendly Seuss related activities, crafts, snacks & fun.  Old & new posts are welcome.

We can't wait to see what you you have to share!
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My Child is Learning to Read, Now What? - 7 Tips to Encourage Your Beginning Reader

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Your child is learning to read. It's thrilling;  it's cause for celebration. It can also be a bit frustrating, but it doesn't have to be. Here are seven tips to help you nurture and encourage your budding reader.
1. The most important thing to remember is that reading is not magic! It does not happen overnight. It is a skill that your child is learning. It is a process that takes time, practice, and nurturing. In learning to read, your child is uncovering more than just phonics (letters and letter sounds), though that is important. Reading is a process that involves three main components: the text, the reader, and the context, and in order for the reader to construct meaning, all three pieces have to work together.    
Beginning readers are also working on fluency, or reading text in a fluid, natural way. They are not merely sounding out words, they have to understand them as well. Readers have to comprehend what the story is about from the words they are reading. Beginning readers are learning about characters, setting, plot and about using visual cues to help them with difficult words in context. There are so many important skills being developed by a beginning reader besides just sounding out words. Fully becoming a reader requires time, developmental readiness, nurturing, immersion in books/written print and of course lots of practice.  
2. Don't force it!  A beginning reader is NOT ready to tackle large chapter books, yet. That's okay. Giving a child books they can not read will only frustrate them (and you!). The last thing you want is to turn them off of reading. As a teacher, I made use of the 5 Word Rule - if a child has difficulty reading 5 or more words on any given page (meaning they can not decipher it alone) then the book is too difficult for them to read at that time. I do this with my kindergartener and it works well for us. She feels much more confident being able to read through a page without struggling with every word. It's perfectly okay to want to challenge your child, just be careful not to overwhelm them. When a child is too focused on decoding or sounding out each word on a page - they lose sight of what the story is about. We do not want to hinder comprehension.  The ultimate goal is to help your child become a fluent, independent reader who understands what he or she reads.

3. Find books that are appropriate to your child's reading level. This is not always easy with new readers who are just starting out but it is so important. Remember what I mentioned earlier about reading being more than just sounding out words. It is about comprehension - understanding what is being read. Imagine reading a book in a language you do not know. You may be able to sound out some of the words but do you truly know what you are reading? Would you enjoy it? Would you continue to read the book? That's what it is like for a beginning reader who is reading a book beyond their level. The joy in reading comes from the actual story - the characters and the plot coming alive in your imagination. Reading on level is crucial for comprehension. If you need help with this ask your child's teacher for recommendations or visit your local librarian.
4. Let your child have a choice in the books he/she reads. We all have preferences in what we like to read, children are no different. If your child is into science they might enjoy early non-fiction science readers. Maybe they are animal lovers and would like books with animal characters. While it is important to expose children to many different genres of books, it is also important that they read books of interest to them for pleasure. It is one of the best ways to encourage reading for fun and motivate children to become readers.
5. Read with your child. We read together nightly and both my girls look forward to this time.  It is one of my favorite times of the day as well.  Each book is a mini-adventure that we share together. Now that my kindergartener is reading, she looks forward to reading a book to us (her little sister, her dad & me) each night.  She feels such a sense of accomplishment after reading to us. It is wonderful. It would be easy to stop there and call it a night. I urge you not to stop there, but rather read to your child as well. 
When you read to your child, you model all those things we want new readers to learn about fluency. Have your child sit right next to you and follow along as you read. I like to point to each word as I read with my finger, letting them see the printed word as they hear the spoken word. They see how I pause after a period, raise my voice when there is an exclamation mark, etc. Referring to the text or text features while reading is called print referencing, and Amy from has a wonderful article on print referencing that really points out why this such a good practice. She shares  its benefits and simple how to's that you can begin using the very next time you read with your child!
I also take the time to ask questions about the plot, to discuss the characters and the setting. I am fostering their reading comprehension as we read together. All of this helps nurture your young readers into becoming not only fluent readers but fully competent readers who understand what they are reading. You are ensuring your child can ask and answer questions of who, what, when, where, how and why when they read - an essential skill that they will need and use as readers. 

6. Help develop their reading foundation.  There is no denying that a child needs to work at phonics and sight words. The english language has many, many rules and then there are the exceptions to those rules. That is a lot for a child to learn. The good news is that they do not have to know it all now - it happens over time. It does however make reading easier for a child when they have a solid base upon which to build on.
It does not require endless drilling, and flashcards upon flashcards. So, what do you do to help them learn these phonological rules and sight words? I won't pretend to have all the answers, I don't. I do know that practicing word families, phonetic rules and sight words in complete isolation does not always lead to having a child use/recognize them outside of the context of that type of drill activity. I have seen this in the classroom and with my own daughter. That is why while I certainly review these concepts through various games and hands-on activities to reinforce/practice them, I do not rely on those methods alone.
When I read aloud, I often stop at sight words or other words that I know my kindergartener can read and I let her read them for me. It's a quick and easy way to practice, while not stopping the overall flow of the book.  If we come across a sight word my kindergartener does not know while she is reading, I inform her that it is a sight word and I tell her what it is.  I often make a mental note of the ones she does not know, so we can review them with a game or other activity at a later date.
When my daughter gets stuck on a word, I do not just tell her what it is. I encourage her to look at it parts. I ask her to think about what the word starts with, what it ends with and if there any blends she recognizes, etc. I do this as long as it does not impede the flow of the book. Ultimately, you do not want to hinder their comprehension of the story by taking a long time to sound out a word. This is usually not a problem because we read books that my kindergartener is capable of reading so there are not many words she gets stuck on on any given page. I can not stress enough how important it is to have your beginning reader reading the right book for them!
Sometimes, it's okay to just let it go! I do not correct every mistake made while reading. For example, if my daughter reads mom when the word is actually mother - I let it go.  That is not going to hinder her comprehension of the story. On the other hand, if she reads the word gold instead of the word good - I ask her to go back and re-read the sentence. That kind of mistake can hinder her comprehension of the story and it won't make sense. Most of the time, she finds her own mistake when she looks at the sentence for the second time. These mistakes commonly occur from reading too quickly and assuming what the word at a quick glance versus actually slowing down and reading it.
By doing these types of things while we read, we are not only putting our phonics and sight word lessons to use in context but I am also teaching her how to tackle an unknown word when she comes across it while reading. A skill, I want to foster so that she can eventually do it on her own - without me. I am also encouraging her to ask questions while reading, to make sure things make sense and that she is comprehending the story. These are invaluable tools for good readers.

7. Be a reading role model! One of the best ways to encourage beginning readers is to set an example. Let your children see you reading - for fun. I am an avid reader. My girls know this about me. They see it. We have lots of books in our house and they are readily available to both girls. I want them to not only be good readers, I want them to enjoy reading so books are part of our daily routine. We do not only read for work, school or practice - we read for the fun of it.
There is so much more I can say on this topic. It is something I am truly passionate about. I know how hard learning to read can be for some children and their parents . That is why I plan to share more with you regarding reading, early literacy and how to nurture your budding readers.
For now, I leave you with some resources I'd like to share on this topic from some amazing websites and some of my go-to teachers/bloggers/moms. I hope you will save these links for when you have time to sit and really read through them. They are full of wonderful information, straight forward tips and useful links to even more resources.

The International Reading Association's Parent Resources has some great brochures for parent's on supporting your beginning reader.

ReadWriteThink has so much great info on reading and language arts in their Parent & Afterschool Resources section. 
Learning During Read-Alouds: Improving Frequency by Teach Mama - this post explains what it means for a child to be a fluent reader and shares some tips on how to help your child improve their fluency.
Questioning and Connecting During read-Alouds - also by Teach Mama brings home why it's important to encourage (and model) a child's questions in relation to the text they are reading in order to aid comprehension and help them connect with what they are reading.
Allison from No Time for Flashcards shares some great early literacy resources/links in her post - Raising Readers - Reading Resources and her post on Raising Boys Who Want to Read is full of great tips (for any child - not just boys!) on how to nurture & encourage book lovers from an early age.


This is my *Favorite* Post from 2012! To see more favorite posts from other bloggers visit our awesome Very Best Kids Activities of 2012 Blog Hop.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Sunday Showcase - Sharing Child Centered Ideas

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Lifestyles of the Stay-at-home Mom
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Some of our Favorite Ideas:
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Madtown Macs made an awesome Seuss City

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Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
Faux Tie Dye Shamrocks

Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss Craft

Dr. Seuss Craft Cat in the Hat
3D Cat in the Hat by: Classified: Mom

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Faux Tie Dye Shamrocks - A St. Patrick's Day Craft

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The Lil Divas and I have grown fond of our faux tie dye decorations.
They are so easy, festive & fun.

After doing our snowflakes and hearts, 
I knew we had to make some shamrocks for our windows.
Be prepared because we will definitely be doing these for each holiday -
LOVE it!

The Lil Divas are getting more and more creative with their designs.
It's awesome because the more you mix up those dauber dots -
the more fun your pattern is! 

We never know what we will end up with until we open it up -
it's a surprise every time! 

What You Need:
coffee filters 
bingo daubers 
(we used green, lt. green & yellow)
we use these:

Note: you can also use markers & alcohol 
but the Lil Divas like the bingo daubers

What To Do:
1. Cut out a shamrock shape from the coffee filter - I did it like hearts
2. Fold - (see photos below)
fold in half - hot dog style
fold in half again - hamburger style
fold in half again so it looks almost like a cone
3. make your pattern - let the kids go crazy & see what they get!
Try folding it different ways and see how it changes your patterns.

Tip: Be sure to daub/cover both sides and really soak it 
so the color goes through all the layers.

4. Open it up and behold your tie dye pattern. 
5. Allow to air dry. 

We have some awesome patterns.
I'm excited about displaying these on our windows!



Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dunkin Donuts Smart Menu (Review & $5 Gift Card Sweepstakes)

Moms are notorious for being on the go, for juggling many activities, duties and more on any given day. I don't know about you but often times that means I eat on the go or skip meals (gasp!).  When I eat on the go, I go with what's fast and what's readily available. I admit, this means what I eat is not always the best choice for me - health wise. So when the folks over at Dunkin Donuts and asked me to check out their Smart Menu , I was intrigued.

The Dunkin Donuts Smart Menu includes bagels, muffins, breakfast sandwiches, wake-up wraps, coffees, tea and other beverages. All of the items are reduced calorie options off their menu. One of the items that caught my eye were the wake-up wraps - each is only 200 calories or less. Could this be "the" great low calorie breakfast on the go I was looking for? I was about to order a Ham, Egg & Cheese Wake-up Wrap - when the person 2 people ahead of me did just that. So I peeked. Unfortunately, while the wrap looked good - it also looked a bit small. That would be great for a quick bite or snack but on this particular day, I was actually quite hungry. I think it was because I was eyeing all those delectable looking donuts as I waited on line to order. 

One of (though this one does have more calories) my favorite DD breakfast choices is their Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a Bagel (oh, how I LOVE my bagels!). It's filling & oh, so good! I was tempted, oh so tempted to order one but I stuck with the plan and ordered a smarter menu choice - egg & cheese on an english muffin. It actually proved to be just right for me that morning. It satisfied my hunger and I also felt pretty good about making a "smarter" menu choice.

The DD Smart Menu is definitely a good choice for this on-the-go Mom. I still plan to give those wake-up wraps a try. Have you tried anything off the DD Smart Menu yet?

Would you like to try something off Dunkin Donut's Smart Menu? I have a $5.00 gift card to giveaway to one (1) lucky Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas winner so you can sample something off the DD Smart Menu. (see full details on how to enter below)


Win it - Yay! One lucky Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas reader is going to win their very own $5.00 Dunkin Donuts gift card courtesy of Dunkin Donuts.

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 Disclaimer: I received a gift card from Dunkin Donuts in conjunction with a promotional campaign to facilitate this review of their DD Smart Menu. That being said, this review is my 100% honest opinion of the items I sampled - I  am not paid for my reviews or optinions! They are 100% mine! Please remember that your opinions and tastes might differ from mine.