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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ten Apples Up On Top - Sight Word Game & Balancing Fun

To kick off Seuss Week 2012 
we read and had fun with Ten Apples Up On Top.

Ten Apples Up On Top Sight Word Game

What You Need:
8x10 photo of child
apple cut-outs with sight words
magnetic tape

How To Play:
1. Write sight words on the apple cut-outs.
2. Apply magnetic tape to the back of the apple cards.
3. Using a magnet have child bob for apples (see photo below)
You can have them fish for them using string & paper clips too.
4. Read the sight word. If correct place on top of head in photo.
If incorrect it goes back into the pile for another try later.

Read as many of the sight words as you can.
You can have a winner with whoever reads the most correctly or whoever gets 10 apples up on top first. We opted to just play for fun and not to have a winner since the girls are not on the same reading level. They just read as many words as they could and we celebrated each for their best effort!

Balancing Apples Up On Top

The Lil Divas were begging to balance apples on their heads like the animals did in the story. We didn't get past 3 (for a few seconds - I couldn't take the photo fast enough!) but we sure had lots of fun trying!


Have you done Seuss activities?
I'd love to invite you to share on my

Stay tuned all week for more Seuss fun!



  1. Love the apple balancing. My daughter will love it too. The sight word game is also good. we have to try it

  2. This is a cool idea, and one of my little ones has been reading this book to me so very appropriate!

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