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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Posh Lil Divas Advent - Days 1 thru 5

Here at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas we are all about family fun
so it should be of no surprise that I make Advent a big deal at our house.

The countdown to Christmas is filled with anticipation and there is no better way to take the Lil Divas minds off that often asked question "Is it Christmas yet, Mommy?" than by celebrating fun activities all through December.

Today, I am going to share the first few days of our 
Family Fun Activity Advent Countdown with you.

Day #1
 Mail Letters to Santa

The Lil Divas had a great time looking through all the catalogs I had saved
and cutting and pasting their wish list onto letters for Santa.

Here's a peek at their letters (& wish lists):



Day #2 
Homemade Fingerprint Christmas Cards


Day #3 

Day #4
 Gingerbread Houses

Day #5 
Visit the 100ft Christmas Tree

Advent is off to a fun start. 
I have so many more fun activities planned so stay tuned
& don't forget to check-in on our Elf Adventures.



  1. How fun! I love seeing what other people do and jot down ideas for future years as the boys get bigger. :-)

  2. It looks like you holiday season is off to a wonderful and fun start. I'm sure these will be great memories!

  3. What wonderful advent activities! Beautiful photos.

  4. Looks like loads of fun! Seeing others ideas is always so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those little houses are darling, and I love the fingerprint cards!

  6. What a wonderful collection of activities. I love your houses.

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment! I love that she shared her struggle with dyslexia and really wanted her to know other appreciated it.

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