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Monday, December 12, 2011

Marble Paint Gingerbread Man

The Littlest Diva and I had some crafting time all to ourselves last week.

We were going to make Gingerbread Men
so I asked her how she wanted to do it
& she promptly replied - "in the marble box, Mommy"

Great idea!

Marble Paint Gingerbread Man

What You Need:
gingerbread man cutout ( we used cardboard)
brown paint
various pom poms, button, sequins, etc for decorating
wiggly eyes & yarn for mouth (optional)

What To Do:
1. Tape template to box and add some paint & marbles

2. Shake, Shake, Shake! 
Shaking the marbles around - by far her favorite part!

3. Shake until the template is nicely coated in paint.
Do a little dance, a few jumps, run in place - make it FUN!
Note - close the box & let them at it! 
They will enjoy it and the mess stays in the box.

Looks like a mess but it was FUN to do!

4. Let your gingerbread man dry.

5. Put out various craft supplies (pom poms, buttons, sequins, etc)
and let children decorate as desired.

My Lil Diva was so proud of her Gingerbread Man.

There are so many versions of the Gingerbread Man Story
Here are a few of the Books We Read:

Have you made any gingerbread crafts lately? 
I'd love to hear about what you did - 
comment below & be sure to add a link if you have one!



  1. They are so cute! Its so sad we have not tried marble painting yet! Need to give it a go!

  2. What a fun way to paint.. must try it:) Your gingerbread man turned out cute.


  3. Very cute! My 5 year old loves the story of the gingerbread man so I know he will like this!

    We haven't started our gingerbread activities yet, but we just did our first marble painting last week when we made candy canes.

    Stopping by from Link&Learn!


  4. What a fun way to make a gingerbread man! I love it! Thanks for sharing on the Afterschool Blog Hop!

  5. My little boy loved doing this with a pumpkin in October!

  6. FUN! I love marble painting =) We made gingerbread ornaments

  7. What a terrific idea to make a marble painting! Visiting from afterschool!

  8. THAT is one ADORABLE gingerbread man!!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty :-)


  9. I hope you will link this post to my Christmas Traditions Link Up in the Other category. It starts tomorrow!

    I love marble painting with JDaniel.

  10. This is brilliant! I love the texture marble painting gives the gingerbread man! I'm going to link to this post on facebook--let me know if that's a problem and I'll take it down!

    Carla @ Whole Child Creative Curriculum

  11. I just love this! I pinned it for next year.

  12. Beautiful and such a great activity!Thank you very much for hosting the amazing link-up, and for pinning :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  13. I giggled with excitement when I saw this craft. This is an awesome craft to do with kids. It is easy, requires few materials, is cheap, and fun. I love it and can't wait to try it. Thanks for posting it!


  14. Did you have any trouble with your paper curling up after you painted? I run into that a lot in my preschool classroom, and we always have to flatten the artwork before we can add other decorations.

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