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Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Fun: Leaf Rubbing Suncatchers

Living in South FL, the Lil Divas unfortunately do not get to experience all the color & wonder associated with the Fall. Having grown up in NY - I love the Fall. This is my favorite time of year. Until we can take the Lil Divas on a proper trip up north to experience the fall first hand - we must settle for crafting and learning about it via books, photos, etc...

Recently, we went on a nature walk. We were hunting for leaves we could use in our crafting. It wasn't easy and the ones we did find had changed color from too much sun or were just multi-colored leaves. No matter, I am not the type to be hindered easily so we pressed on.

Ultimately, we made these lovely Leaf Rubbing Suncatchers to display on our windows. 

It all began with our nature walk.
The Lil Divas worked hard to collect their leaves,

ensuring they had different shapes, colors & sizes.
See, these are just regular FL leaves :(  
but yesterday I got the BEST news!
My "leafy" Godmother Joyce from Dinosaurs and Octopuses 
will be sending us some genuine fall leaves to craft with! 
YAY! Thank you so much Joyce.
I am super excited & ever so grateful for your generosity and kindness.

Then we sorted them.
The Lil Divas sorted by number of leaves,

by size (small, medium & large)

and by shapes and color.

 We then got busy with our leaf rubbings.
I did this all the time when I was young & always enjoyed it.

What You Need:
tracing paper
colored pencils

What To Do:
1. Pick a leaf and place it under the tracing paper.
2. Using a colored pencil rub the leaf to make a print.

The Lil Divas were so intent during this craft.

Look at those faces of concentration - so cute!

We ended up with some lovely leaf rubbings.

I knew we had to do something with them.
I decided they had to be displayed so we opted to make
  suncatchers for our windows.

Here's a peek at them with light shining through.


Have you crafted with leaves lately?
I'd love to hear what you did with them.


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  1. Very pretty! I lived in South Florida as a teen and missed the change of seasons so much. Glad you have a fairy godmother!

  2. How wonderful! I love the effect the light has when the craft is hung up!

    Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  3. Oh, I love the idea of using leaf rubbings to make sun catchers! Clever mama, you!

  4. I'm sure in another month or so EVERYONE will envy your leaves! I sure will. :) I seriously can't wait to mail you out some of our fall. I plan on mailing them out Monday, if that's okay. We had a LOT to do today with a play and whatnot. We live in Alabama, so it might not be as great as the fall up north, but we love it. :) It's been forever since I have lived in Florida. Do you ever have the need for hand warmers and boggins?

    I love all of the different activities you did with the leaves. And the craft is beautiful!

  5. Those leaf rubbings turned out so beautiful!

    Stopped in from the Link & Learn

  6. Very pretty! Love that you added the boarder. Really looks lovely.

    Thank you for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  7. I have not done this since I was very small. Thanks for the reminder.
    Coincidence - earlier this week I found a package of super thin tracing paper at the thrift store!

  8. So fun! My oldest would really enjoy this one and any craft that can be hung up and enjoyed for a while is a hit at our house. Too bad our leaves are all gone already! Have to save this one for next year.
    Thanks for linking up to the outdoor play party!

  9. Thank you for sharing on Hey Mom, Look What I Did at Adventures In Mommy Land...hope to see you again soon!!

  10. Love fall.. looking forward to doing fun activities with leaves.


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