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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Craft Caravan Kids Craft Club: Leaf Creations & Our "Thanks Giving" Wreath

Last month, the Lil Divas and I received a package in the mail from the fun folks over at Craft Caravan. They had sent us their November Kids Craft Club package of goodies and a sneak peek at their Christmas Card Making Kit.

Here's what the November Craft Club Kit includes:

We enjoy being crafty so the Lil Divas were instantly intrigued by the items and without any prompts they declared they wanted to make leaf & rock creatures so that's what we did. 

I was happy to have these fun leaf cut-outs. Living in Florida we unfortunately do not have fall leaves to craft with and we had been wanting to do this for some time so this was a welcome alternative for us.

Craft #1: Leaf & Rock Creations

Here is what the Lil Divas created:

Here's what we used (plus some glue sticks!):

Hard at work:

I love the Leaf People they made. They included so many fun details from crowns and flowers in their hair, fun faces, a sun and moon for background detailing and even a road to walk on.

Then they made some insects - a butterfly and a bee. 
Can you tell which is which?

The Lil Divas really enjoyed working with these materials and we have some great finished products to display.

Craft #2: A Thankful Leaf Wreath
I wanted to make a wreath with the Lil Divas that would display our blessings/things we are thankful for. As soon as I saw the items in the November craft packet I knew it would fit this idea perfectly.

Here's our "Thanks Giving" Wreath: 

 What we used to make it (plus some glue):

We started by talking about things we were thankful for.
Then, I had the Lil Divas each pick 6 of the things they mentioned 
to include in our wreath & write them on the leaf cut-outs. 

The Lil Divas are thankful for:

Putting our wreath together by gluing on the leaves.

I added a simple bow and made a hook to hang it & we were done!

Our Thoughts:
So what did we think of the craft kit supplied by Craft Caravan? 
The Lil Divas enjoyed using the supplies. The packet was well put together to fit the theme for the season. It contains ideas on how to use the materials and it was very easy to use.

Overall, this would be great for busy parents who do not have time to plan crafts, the craft challenged or anyone looking to give a unique gift (that keeps on coming month to month - yay!).

The kits are great for preschool to elementary aged children and you can sign up for a 1 month trial or 3, 6 and 12 months of crafts delivered right to your mailbox. The price for the kits is $9.89 a month plus a small shipping fee. Each kit includes materials for multiple crafts - all you need to supply is a bit of imagination and some glue.

What do you think of a crafts to your mailbox service? Is it something you would use or give as a gift?

I found it to be a fun idea and we can't wait to use the rest of our materials and work with the Christmas Card Making Kit.



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