Google+ Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: National Candy Corn Day - 10/30/11

Sunday, October 30, 2011

National Candy Corn Day - 10/30/11


Of course we had to have a lil Diva Fun celebrating this fab holiday-
after all candy corn is yummy & a timely Halloween treat!

So here's how we celebrated:

Reading: Candy Corn Word Family Fun

What You Need:
I used clip art from the above link - 
resized them & fit 4 to a page for the word mats 
and 9 to a page for the recording sheets. 

2. Alphabet Letter Tiles (we use these often - great to have!)

3. markers to write word family endings

Here's a photo of the Word Family Mats I made:
(we focused on -en, -at, -in & -ig)

I supplied letter tiles for each word family mat -
Note: I threw in 1 or 2 that did not fit to see if they could figure it out.

What To Do:
1. Use letter tiles to make & read words on each mat.

2. Write the words made on the recording sheet 

Here's a little peek at some of the words the Lil Divas made.

Math: Candy Corn Addition

What You Need:
1. Dice - we love our foam dice
2. Candy Corn (Yum!)
3. Pencils

Note: I used the same template listed above for the word family mats to make the addition mats.

How To Play:
1. Roll dice, record number and count out corresponding number of candy corn
2. Repeat step 1 for second number in equation.
3. Add/count candy corn & record answer.
4. Repeat until all candy corn templates have been used.

Craft: Torn Paper Candy Corn

What You Need:
1. large candy corn shape on card stock or other firm paper.
2. yellow, orange & white construction paper
3. glue

What To Do:
Prep: Have child help you tear paper into pieces to use for the project.

1. Apply glue to the section you will work on first.
We started at the top with white.
2. Apple torn pieces of the correct color - encourage child to cover all spaces.

3. Move on to the middle section, apply glue and place torn paper pieces into place.

3. Move on to the final section, apply glue and place torn paper pieces into place.

Now you have a fun torn paper candy corn to display!

This is an easy project that is fun for little hands!
If you have a little one doing it try to make the torn pieces a bit larger -
it might help to cut paper into strips for them first & then let them rip.
Also, a smaller candy corn template works great for
younger children so they don't get tired!

Happy National Candy Corn Day!



  1. Very cute - as ALWAYS Thanks for taking the time to share all your great idea! I know you have your own linky party, that I LOVE & always join in. But wanted to invite you over to mine if you're interested at

  2. Very cute! Not going to lie...I LOVE candy corn...I don't think any would make it for the kids' activities! :)

  3. Great ideas and activities with yummy candy corn and I love that hat! :=)

  4. What a fun day to celebrate. Great activities! I would love to have you join the AfterSchool party and share this post.

  5. Wow so much you can do with candy corn (not something we have in australia) but the ideas are fantastic and could be used for lots of other things. I really loved the word mats
    sarah of

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