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Friday, September 9, 2011

Pony Palooza Club - A Young Horse Lover's Dream Come True

My horse loving Lil Diva has been part of a wonderful local program for kids called Pony Palooza Club.

What is Pony Palooza Club?
The program introduces young children to horses by providing them with hands-on experiences with real horses. They are taught basic horse care and become more knowledgable about horses while becoming comfortable and familiar with horses in general.

About the Program:
The program is geared for boys and girls ages 4 to 10. It runs once a week for 1.5 hrs. and includes an art/craft activity and a healthy snack. The program is run by the wonderful Jodi Schlinkmann and is housed in a premier local riding facility - Pine Hollow.

Our Thoughts & Personal Experience:
Each week the horse loving kids explored a new theme which also had a built in craft activity related to horses. The Oldest Diva was so proud of all her finished products. She even got to paint on a horse - a highlight of her young horse loving life!

The Oldest Diva started the program with both a love for and a fear of horses. She was afreaid to get too close and certainly would not feed the horses any carrots on her own. Within a few weeks, she knew all the horses by name and by far, her favorite part of the program became the hands-on interaction with the horses! She loved visiting her favorite horses & ponies and feeding them carrots at the end of each session.

I was so happy with how comfortable she became around the horses and how much she learned about them and their care in general. The experience was very hands-on, making it both memorable, enjoyable and a great way to learn while having fun. The Oldest Diva washed horses, groomed them, learned about their food, saddles, horse shoes and even how to care for their teeth. 

It was an amazing program and something every young horse lover would enjoy being part of. If you live in the area and have a horse crazy kid - you must check out Pony Palooza Club.

Visit Pony Palooza at Pine Hollow's Facebook Page for more information on upcoming sessions.



  1. Fun and what a cute little Cowgirls : )

  2. What fun! Wish we had something like this around here! Thanks for linking up!

  3. That sounds like fun! Has she gotten to ride them yet?

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