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Friday, August 5, 2011

Family Fun Friday - Flamingo Gardens & Wildlife Sanctuary (Davie, FL)

We recently set off on a local family fun adventure through Flamingo Gardens and Wildlife Sanctuary located in Davie, FL. I have been there numerous times (it is a popular & wonderful school trip location) but it was our first time taking the Lil Divas!

Of course as it's name suggests - there were flamingos!

 But Flamingo gardens has so much more to offer!
We started our day with a Tram Tour.

During the narrated tram ride through the tropical rainforest, native hammock, wetland area, and groves we learned so much about Florida's native plant life and wildlife.

The wildlife encounter show was very informative and we got to meet these 3 cool animals:


Then, we toured the Bird of Prey Center: All the birds showcased are either at-risk or endangered and cannot be released because of injuries sustained in the wild.

One of our favorite attractions is the 25,000 square foot free-flight aviary. It is one of the largest collections of wading birds in America. How amazing to walk near all these different birds. The Lil Divas were so amazed by it all.

Suspended in mid air (via an amazing collection of webs) throughtout the facility were 
Golden Silk Orb (Banana) Spiders. I was pretty panicked one would fall on me any second but I have to admit even I was amazed at all their intricate webs connecting from one tree to the next - making it look like the spiders were suspended in mid-air.

We had a wonderful afternoon exploring Florida's native wild & plant life
and I even came home with some Lil Wild Things of my own! :)

Great Follow-up Books:



  1. My girls love birds, looks like fun!

  2. I would have been afraid of the spiders too! Looks like a really cool place!

  3. What lovely pictures! I love all the birds. Your book choices look great too.

  4. This post counts as a Summer Reading Challenge August entry.

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