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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sight Word Fun & Learning to Read Week #2 - Butterfly Theme

Last week we focused on: sight words: it, me, can, you, like and the -ut word family (for butterfly)

Sight Word Activities:

Game: Slap it!

How To Play: I wrote out the week's sight word on butterfly cards and placed them on the table along with last weeks target sight words. I would call out a word and the Lil Divas had to slap their caterpillar down on the correct word! :) This game always produces lots of laughs and they beg me to play it throughout the week! I included last week's words (written on caterpillar cards) along with this week's words for some review as well.

Forming Sight Words w/Letter Tiles - I wrote the weeks words on large butterfly cutout and provided the Lil Divas with letter tiles. They got busy reading the words and then using the tiles to write the words.

Sight Words Song - while working with the letter tiles we sang a simple sight word song for each word to help the lil Divas with the spelling/recognition of each word. The Oldest Diva really liked this & was singing the song with different sight words all week on her own! I love when an idea just takes off! :)

What We Sang: The Sight Word Song (sung to to the tune of B-I-N-G-O)

There was a sight word I wanted to spell and CAN was my sight word.
C-A-N (clap with each letter) spells can,
C-A-N (clap with each letter) spells can,
C-A-N (clap with each letter) spells can
and can was my sight word!

We followed the above tune/format for each of our sight words!

We continue to use Sight Word Printables from They include writing the word, recognizing and finidng the words in a chart/table as well as within sentences. The girls have really gotten the hang of these - even the Littlest Diva.

Sight Word Puzzles from 1+1+1=1 - both the Lil Divas enjoy these. We also reviewed last week's words again.

Play Dough Sight Word Cards (also from 1+1+1=1) Last week we used our Wikki Stix but this week we used play-doh. It was a bit more challenging - to work the dough into the right thickness, etc.  This was great fine motor practice for the Lil Divas & they had fun making the words this way.

I also made a mini sight word book for each of the Lil Divas. It is basically an index card spiral notebook in assorted colors. I wrote each of their sight words in the book and they flip through the book and read the words. I leave this within easy reach so they can do it whenever they like. The Oldest Diva likes to read them on her own. The Littlest Diva isn't as interested and I don't push it but it's there for her too.

-ut Word Family Activties:

We used a fun Word Slide to review and sound out different -ut words like but, hut, cut & nut. I laminated and cut it out (it is really easy to make and use). The Lil Divas enjoy using it and reading all the words independently.

We are currently reading Bob Books (Set 1) - Beginning ReadersScholastic Sight Word Readers, and Starfall Books as well as

Plus, I use mini-readers that fit into our word family focus when I find some on the internet that are appropriate.

Do you have any fun ways to review sight words? I'd love for you to share your ideas with me!

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  1. you do the most adorable things!!! love your blog!!!
    mrs tabb =)

  2. Lots of fun things for sight words!!

  3. Love the word slap, the sight words song, the word slides,...OK just everything! Thanks for all the awesome ideas! About to go subscribe to your emails ;)

  4. Go to for lots of good free printable sight word and word family printables. Try looking under What's New. I love using these in my classroom.


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