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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Fun Friday - A Swampy Adventure w/Billie Swamp Safari

Last weekend we went on a family adventure to Billie Swamp Safari 
and we had an amazing time!

Billie Swamp Safari let's you explore 2,200 acres of
untamed Florida Everglades.

The land has been preserved by the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

Our first stop was the Airboat Launch.
The Airboat Trail takes you through the swamp on an airboat.

This was our first airboat ride  & we were all very excited!

Getting to experience this natural environment was amazing.
It was so fun to ride along the swamp, the breeze the boat provides definitely made it bearable on this hot & sticky FL day!

Along the way we got to see wild pigs, water buffalo,

and alligators 
(they were so close - it made me nervous but it was thrilling too!) 

We also went on a Swamp Buggy Eco-Tour.  
These buggies provide a great elevated view of the land
and were just plain fun to ride and bump along in! 

We got to see deer, bison, birds, alligators, ostrich,
horses and hogs among other things. 

This is a typical Indian hut/living space.
I can't even imagine living out there like this. Wow!

Billie Swamp Safari has various bird and reptile exhibits
as well as a few shows you can take in while you are there.

We saw the snake show and learned quite a bit about the snakes here in FL.

They also have the Swamp Critter and Bird of Prey Show and
an Alligator Wrestling Show at the Gator Pit.

During our visit Billie Swamp Safari was also hosting their

The Lil Divas got free Kids Club T-shirts (above photo)

They had a great time dancing and playing games with Radio Disney.

The Lil Divas even got to meet and touch a baby alligator!

There were bounce houses, fun crafts, face painting and
the Lil Diva's favorite - the Water Ball!

We had an amazing day & want to thank the generous people over at
Billie Swamp Safari for the amazing experience and the life-long memories!

It was a fun and adventure filled day!
This is definitely a place you will want to experience
if you live near or plan to visit South Florida!


Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets for my family & myself to attend the Swamp Kids Summer Fun Festival and experience all the attractions at Billie Swamp Safari.  That being said, this review is my 100% honest opinion of  Billie Swamp Safari. I am not paid for my reviews or opinions! They are 100% mine! Please remember that your opinions, experiences and tastes might differ from mine.


  1. that is sooooo cool!! I'd love to go through a swamp and see an aligator! Those are wonderful pictures :)

  2. Looks like they had a blast. I can't wait until Moo gets older because I don't see her sitting down on the boat. I would be worried about her falling overboard the entire time.

  3. i've been trying to link up but can't make it work-
    we almost did the same adventure last week- but went to lion country safari and palm beach instead!

  4. Very cool place! Feels like home. We live in Louisiana. But I know we would still enjoy this if were on vacation there.
    We visited an alligator farm nearby, and the owner found it strange that we came there. ? I thought!
    He said mostly schools and people from places that never see these animals came to visit. Ha! I told him, do you really think I will get this close with my children to look at alligators? That's what you are for! LOL

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