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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Flag Pancakes!

We started our Memorial Day with some yummy & fairly easy to make festive Flag Pancakes!

I am no expert but the Lil Divas were happy with their cute flags & they were yummy so I would call it a SUCCESS! I might just make them again for the 4th of July! :)

What You Need:
pancake batter
red & blue food coloring
3 squeeze bottles
chocolate chips, sprinkles , etc for star decorations

1.Take a small amount of pancake batter and mix in blue food coloring - you only need a small amount for this so it depends on how many pancakes you plan to make but I used only about 2 spoonfuls for this section on each pancake. I did not use a squeeze bottle for this - just a spoon.

2. The rest of the mixture should be divided between the red & white (uncolored) batter. You will need a bit more of the white so I divided in half by eye and then took a bit more to leave uncolored. I put the uncolored batetr into 1 of my squeeze bottles. The added red food coloring to the remainder of the batter, mixed & added it to 1 of my squeeze bottles.

I used a griddle to cook these & kept it on fairly low - it's important to let it cook pretty well before flipping or you will not end up with a good flag!

What To Do:
1. Make the flag outline using uncolored (white) batter. I just made a large rectangle shape and then the smaller inside square as well.

2. Add the blue batetr to the inner square

3. Alternate making stripes between your red and white pancake batter.

4. Be sure to let it cook until it is mostly firm before flipping.

5. Add chocolate chips, sprinkles, or any oter decorations to make some stars

You have some cute Flag Pancakes!

Happy Memorial Day!



  1. These look soo good. Very creative!!

  2. Awww, those are so cute :)

  3. No way! You made Flag Pancakes?!?! Brilliant! Whatever will you think of next!!!!

    Thank you again for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  4. What a great (and easy) idea! Love it!

  5. Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing at For the Kids Friday! I have passed this one onto my Facebook friends. :) Always happy to have you linking up!

  6. Very cool idea! I'll have to try making these sometime. The closest I have come to being creative with pancakes is making letters and spelling wit

  7. How cute! I will definitely have to do this on 4th of July!

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