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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

I am so excited to share our Caterpillar to Butterfly experience with you!

We spent the last 2 weeks observing our Painted Ladies change from Caterpillars to Butterflies!

The Lil Divas really enjoyed watching the life cycle changes before their very own eyes - In my opinion, nothing beats seeing this up close & personal.

The Lil Divas learned so much from observing the metamorphosis first hand & no matter how many times I have watched this - it never ceases to amaze me!

So here's is our picture journey:

Our caterpillars on the very first day they arrived:

They grew quickly & within 2-3 days we could see their skin had split and they were noticably longer and fatter

Within 5 days the first of the caterpillars was getting ready to begin his changes - see it form the "J" shape below (the girls found this so cool!)

Our first chrysalis & others beginning their change

All 5 chrysalises were soon ready

We took them out of the container and put them into the butterfly (net) pavilion

Within a week we had our first butterfly - I don't know if it was due to the heat here in FL but the process was really quick for us. We had our caterpillars turn into butterflies in less than 2 weeks (for the whole process)

The next day we had our 2nd butterfly, on the 3rd day we got 2 more and the final one came a day later

Here the Painted Lady is drinking some sugar water

Here's what our Painted Ladies looked like

Release Day

Wasn't that AWESOME! :)

I ahve to say, the Lil Divas were a bit sad to see the butterflies go but they know they are meant to fly free so they can lay their eggs - giving us more beautiful butterflies!

Plus, I think it helped them to know we have ladybugs on the way to observe next as part of our Insect Theme ;)

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Have you raised caterpillars to butterflies?



  1. That's so cool!

    We never could have done that as kids. My sister was always collecting caterpillars and putting them in her purse and trying to pet the fish and, well, needless to say a lot of innocent things died around our house ;)

  2. isn't it amazing? we've done those before too, so fun!

  3. Love this idea! great way for kids to learn.

  4. Lucky girls! What a fantastic learning opportunity!

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