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Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Rainy Day Indoor Fun for Kids

If you missed part 1 of my fabulous series - go read it here now! :) Please & Thank You! ;)

Today, I have a few more indoor fun ideas to share with you.

We all have these days for one reason or another & they can be hard on everyone - bored and restless kids are not fun! Engaged, active kids on the other hand = happy kids and we all know happy kids are loads of fun! :)

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas Rainy Day Fun List: Part 2

4. Have a Game Day - Think board games, video games, puzzles, good old fashioned hide & seek type games, legos, building blocks etc... - Anything Goes!

My girls LOVE to play - (most kids do) but what they really love is to play with me or their dad. So turn your indoor day into a special time and play with the kids. Teach them some of those old games you used to play, spend time on candyland, chutes & ladders, etc.  My girls recently got the Wii game Just Dance Kids - they can spend hours dancing if I let them. It's hilarious to watch them but even more fun to get up and dance with them. It produces lots of giggles - from all of us - Guaranteed!

this brings me to my next idea........

5. Dance - turn up the music, let loose & get moving! The Lil Divas love to dance and they get such a kick out of it when I join in with them. I like to turn on the Salsa music and teach them some of my moves - they never get tired of it.

This idea is also great because you get in some much needed physical activity! Get the kids moving, grooving & shaking - let them expend some of that pent up energy.  They need it and so do you.

6. Kitchen Time - there's nothing better than baking or cooking something when you are stuck in the house. It gives you something to do together and later you get to eat! Kids love to help in the kitchen and although it can be messy and more time consuming than doing it on your own - those are exactly the reason you should do it together!

Children get so much out of the experience of simply baking cupcakes - think of all the measuring, pouring, stirring - those are great skills to practice. Then, the anticipation of letting them bake, smelling those delicious smells wafting from the oven - yum! It's a perfect time to visit one of the other ideas on my list to keep them occupied while you wait for the cupckaes to bake and cool.

Finally, frost and decorate them together - this is by far one of the best parts of the entire process for my Lil Divas (besides the eating of course). I always have frosting, sprinkles, etc on hand. After all the baking is done and our snacks eaten - they even help clean-up! The Lil Divas love washing dishes - built in water play time with bubbles!

Now, doesn't that sound like a fun day?

Stay tuned next Friday for some more ideas!

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  1. Great ideas! I haven't played twister in forever!

  2. Such fun!! My girls love to help me bake :)

  3. Fun ideas for play! Thanks for sharing! I added your button to my scrolling blog roll. It is on the left side of my blog, towards the bottom. My blog is Sunrise Learning Lab
    You'll recognize me from Twitter though as @f5th.
    Well, have a happy weekend!

  4. Great ideas. I babysit grandchildren and we even do bubbles in the house even though it can be a little messy.

  5. great ideas...we've had so much rain it's great to see what others are doing on rainy days too.

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