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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Weather - WINDY DAY FUN

The Lil Divas and I ahve had some fun exploring spring weather. This weekend was a little windy so it was the perfect time to take out our art supplies and make our own windsocks!


Craft: Windsock
What You Need:
Oak Tag/Poster Board/ Card Stock - You need heavy type paper or even an oatmeal carton would work well.
paint/markers - for decorating
crepe paper - choice colors
hole puncher

What to Do:
1. Cut paper into size you want for windsock and have child decorate. Since we are talking about spring I had the Lil Divas do a spring picture.

Here are their completed designs/pictures

2. After allowing drying time we turned the paintings over and glued on the strips of crepe paper which I ahd cut into even strips - just cut to desired length

3.  I stapled the paper together in a cylinder shape - I found this worked both better & faster than glue for this type of heavy paper. Then, I punched 2 holes into the top of the cylinder and attached yarn (see below)

 4. Take your finished winsocks outside and let them fly in the wind!

Hope you get to enjoy your windy spring weather as much as we did!



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  3. so sweet * I love combining books & crafts! we'll have to look for "The Wind Blew" @ the library * * thanx for sharing!

  4. Your girl are adorable!

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  5. Hi there! Visiting via ABC and 123's blog hop - so glad I stopped by, your blog is great. It is the start of autumn for us here in the southern hemisphere, and very windy, so your wind sock will definitely be something we'll give a try! You are welcome to come say hello at

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  9. What a great idea. It is quite a windy autumn (fall) day here in Sydney. Maybe an idea for this afternoon after the kids wake up...

  10. So cute!! I'm always looking for new crafts for my step-daughter's girl scout troop! I love it!

  11. That is so cute! Looks like the girls had fun making them too!

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  12. How much fun to make!! The girls seem to be having a great time flying the wind socks..


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