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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Weather Theme: Clouds

The girls are very interested in clouds these days so to end our Spring Weather Theme we talked a bit about clouds.



Little Cloud

The Cloud Book

Activity #1: Cloud Mini Books

Using the information we learned from The Coud Book we made our very own simple mini own cloud books.

What You Need:
Cloud Book Template
Shaving Cream
Cotton Balls
Blue Constuction Paper
Plain White Paper
Silver Glitter Paint (you could just use gray paint or something similar as well)

What To Do:

1. For the Cover we used Puffy Paint to make our clouds! Puffy paint is so much fun! I don't measure but I try to use equal parts shaving cream and glue by eye - it always seems to work well enough anyway!
It came out so cute!

2. Page 1 - Cumulus Clouds
We used puffy cotton balls to make a cloud shape and glued on the wording as we discussed the type of cloud.

3. Page 2 - Cirrus Clouds
We used cotton balls that we pulled apart to make them appear feathery and glued on the wording as we discussed the type of cloud.

Page 3 - Stratus Clouds
Again we used cottong balls for the clouds but we pulled them and tried to make a blanket on the page and then painted them with silver glitter paint so they would look gray & stormy. Finally, we glued on the wording as we discussed the type of cloud.

Here's a peek at all the pages - they must be completely dry before you staple your book together!

Activity #2: Making Words with Letter Tiles (based on the book Little Cloud)

What You Need:
Alphabet Letter Tiles (I'm sre you could also find some sort of printable of these but we have them & they are fun to use!)
Little Cloud Letter Tiles (from Making Learning Fun)

What to Do:
Print out the letter tile cards and supply the correct tiles for younger learners (there are a lot of tiles in the tub and it can get frustrating to search for each letter)

Have fun making the words - be sure to review the letters (recognition) and their sound (phonics practice)

Activity #2: Melissa & Doug See & Spell Puzzles

The girls had so much fun with the letter tiles we took out our Melissa & Doug See & Spell Puzzles to let the fun continue. These puzzles are great!

The box comes with all the letters you will need and 8 double sided wooden boards (16 picttures) with 3 or 4 letter words. This set is great for lowercase letter and common word recognition.



  1. Your cloud book was such a great project! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is such a great idear there lady! Me and my kids love clouds! We WILL be doing this one!

  3. I love the cloud book idea! I've linked up to your post on my weekly favorites here

  4. I love the cloud book - what a fantastic idea!

  5. I love the cloud book you made, so creative and great for all ages. My toddler and I will give it a try.

  6. love the cloud book!

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