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Monday, April 25, 2011

CHEERS - To the Day I Hit Middle-Aged Status!

April 25, 2011 feels like a huge milestone. I am 35 yrs. old today and by all the articles, reports & research that I have been reading online, I am also apparanetly now supposed to consider myself (gasp!) middle-aged!

Really?! I know a few things aren't exactly like they once were - my hair is sporting a few (ok, more than  a few) grays, and I have a few extra pounds & some unwanted flab - I mean lack of toning issues but I certainly don't feel - OLD!

Who decides when middle-aged starts anyway? I have a bone to pick with them!

I mean, I am the same young woman that was carded for ordering a drink just a few weeks ago! Really - you can read that post here --> I got CARDED! So why simply because I hit the big 35 should I consider myself middle-aged? I DON'T!

I might be tired, a bit less toned, a lot more forgetful and unfortunately not as glamourous as I used to be on a daily basis but that's because I am a busy Mom - not becasue I am OLD! I can still clean up rather nicely if I may say so myself!

So today instead of cringing at the number 35 - as I have been for the last few weeks
 - I am embracing it!

Yes, look at me! Today, I might officially be 35 but I don't look (or feel) a day over 20!

Shh! It is my birthday so I can dream, right! :)

So, Cheers & Happy Birthday to 35 years YOUNG Me! :)

I don't care what those silly articles or reports have to say about it!

Who's with me?



  1. I think you look great! Middle aged? NEVER! You're only as old as you feel :) Happy Birthday!!


  2. I definitely wouldn't think you're middle aged! You look awesome! Happy Birthday! I hope it's wonderful!

    Simply Kate

  3. Happy Birthday! I am right there with you. I will be "middle aged" soon too and like you, I plan to embrace it also! I don't feel old at all either. You look great by the way!

  4. Aww Bernie you still look like a 20 year old! That's why they carded you!!
    Poo Poo on Middle Aged....
    Happy Birthday!!!
    Love Ya!!!

  5. Happy Birthday friend! Hope it's a great one! You don't look a day over 21 ;) ♥ BJ

  6. You shut your mouth, girl, you look HOTT!! I'm 37 and still looking for baby #2, so believe me, WE ARE NOT OLD!! Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day, and a great year!

  7. Happy Birthday! LIfe is too short to get hung up on a number. You have the right attitude!

  8. Happy Birthday my partner in crime ;-) You look awesome! I'll be there soon!

  9. I don't like the sound of Middle Aged.... I thought that was when you were OLD.


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