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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Waddle, Slide & Don't Drop that Egg! More Penguin Games & Fun

Penguin Egg Walk:
I was inspired after watching Happy Feet to try this with the girls. This was so much FUN! I took a large white sock (my husbands) and filled it with a few other socks to make a sizeable egg shape. The girls had to walk around the room carrying their eggs between their legs like Emperor Penguin Daddies do! It was hilarious! :)

Our "sock" penguin eggs!

The Lil Divas carrying their eggs like Daddy Penguins

Penguin Waddle & Slide:
More penguin fun! Since we talked a great deal about how penguins slide on their bellies - I just knew the girls would love to try it! So out came the sofa cushions for some belly sliding fun! The girls had to waddle on up to the mountain and then slide down on their bellies! If I thought I wouldn't have hurt myself - I would have tried it too! lol!

Soon this.......

turned into this.....

but it was great fun! :)

How Tall is the Penguin?
Great Penguin Measuring printable from Moo Moo's & TuTu's Blog. The girls measured the diffrent penguins using snowball cut outs. I provided them with number stickers to stick under the penguin afetr they determined how many snowballs tall it was.  BTW, the link is for an entire penguin unit - FREE & full of great ideas! Thanks to Daphne for sharing such a great resource.

Hope you enjoyed our Penguin Theme! On to celebrating Dr. Seuss & some of our fave books! :)



  1. Love it!!! Keep the penguin goodness coming - X and I (well mostly me) can't get enough! And stop by The Kid Can Cook again before March 5 - we're giving away a copy of The Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook!

  2. Super cute penguin themed activities! I'm a new follower from the blog hop! I can't wait to read more of your posts.


  3. Next time you do a penguin theme, check out my appetizers. Easy enough the kids could help with them.


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