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Monday, March 7, 2011

Speak Up For Our Children - Fund Education Now! 3/8/11

Speak Up For Our Children - March 8th!
 Tallahassee is broken.

Article IX, section 1 states that the Florida Legislature has one paramount duty: to adequately fund a safe, efficient, uniform, high quality system of free public education.  This is the right of every child in Florida.

Instead of being cut first, Florida Public Education must be funded first.  

Florida Republicans, Democrats and Independents – moms and dads – see eye to eye on their fundamental love for their children.  We are working people, lawyers, doctors, neighbors, educators, healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters, families and consumer advocates – each of us with our precious children in danger of being hurt by this crisis.

Big Tallahassee has no idea what’s best for our children.  We do.

Catastrophic education cuts, like Governor Scott’s $3.3 Billion, are on the way.

Click here to sign our petition and tell Gov. Scott and House and Senate leaders, "I do not support cuts to education."  Share this email with your friends.

Since Tallahassee refuses to fund art, music, foreign languages, physical education, and essential electives, we taxpayers should not be forced to shell out another $2 Billion dollars for SB 736 and its unproven programs. 

This is just plain wrong.  What can you do? 

Attend an Awake the State Rally tomorrow, March 8th, to urge Florida legislators to reject budget cuts and invest in Floridians again.  There are over 25 locations around the state.  Visit and find a rally near you. Bring signs identifying yourself as a parent demanding fully funded schools.

Click here to call and email the Governor, Senate President Haridopolos and Speaker of the House Cannon.

Speak up now.  Do everything you can to advocate for our children.

**the above was from an e-mail I received from Fund Education Now! which I felt was important to pass on. If you are a FL parent - please take a moment to check it out & take action**



  1. thanks for joining the blog hop- I'm following now. I am sorry to hear that the state of education in Florida sounds as miserable as it is here in CA. I agree that something needs to be done and that people need to join together and be non-partisan on this issue. I just finished my degree in elementary education and always planned on teaching but b/c of budget cutbacks the state has laid of thousands of teachers and work just isn't out there (which is sad considering our ratios and how badly we need more teachers not less). Thankfully I am blessed to be a SAHM and am now planning on using that expensive degree homeschool my children. For most though this is not an option and I sure wish education was a greater priority to this nation. Good luck in your quest I pray things get better

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