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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rainbow Theme - Colors Mini Book


White Rabbit's Color Book by Alan Baker

Color Mini Books

After reading the book we made our own color books. These were the first mini books we have made in a long time and the 1st where the Lil Divas did all the writing & illustrations on their own. They were so proud and it was so simple - I cut up 2 pieces of white paper into 4 equal parts for each book and stapled them.

We made a cover page and then dedicated 1 page of the book to each color of the rainbow. The Lil Divas thought of something to illustrate for each color.

Here are our books:

 Cover with title "My Color Book" and 1st page for Red with a drawing of a red rose - the other Lil Diva made a heart

2nd page Orange with a drawing of an orange - the other lil Diva made a peach & 3rd page Yellow with a drawing of a banana (hard to see) the other Lil Diva made the sun

4th page Green with drawing of grass and 5th page Blue with drawing of sky. They both made the same thing for the last few pages.

I forgot to take a picture of the last page for purple but they both drew grapes.

Color Word Match

I made a color word matching game that I am using with the Lil Divas and thought I'd share. I did not get pictures but it's a basic card with the color and then a matching card with the color word. It is to help them recognize the color words.

I made all the basic colors but we have just been working on the colors of the rainbow this week.

I also made cards with the color word printed on the color card for younger children just starting out. It would be a great way to introduce what the color words look like and they could still match based on recognizing the letters on each card.

Color Word Matching Cards
Color Word Matching Cards (w/hints)

Play-Doh Rainbow Fun

This was great motor skills exercise too because it involved lots of rolling of the play-doh

Of course we had to add white clouds too

These were simple and fun to do & then we enjoyed some free play with the play-doh


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  1. Cute idea - my daughter would enjoy making a color book like this. Thanks for the idea!


  2. These are such great ideas! Save them so they can look at how they drew and spelled when they were young. My kids are older now and we all still get a kick out of their old 'story books' they wrote.

  3. What awesome ideas... We will HAVE to give these a go... (= Thanks for sharing...

  4. I love everything you did for a rainbow theme. I was contemplating rainbow jello, but it was clearly too much work for me :) Thanks for joining WMCIR!

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