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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rainbow Theme - Color Mixing 101

The Lil Divas are exploring Rainbows this week which of course means we are talking about colors!

Today, we specifically focused on color mixing - using primary colors (red, yellow & blue) to make secondary colors (purple, orange & green). It was messy but fun!

What We Read:

Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni

Color Mixing Activity

I knew I wanted the Lil Divas to mix primary colors and make secondary colors but I also wanted to introduce the concept of a color wheeel. I wanted to find a fun way to use the paint colors they mixed up to make our wheel. I was inspired by Aimee over at Classified: Mom who made an awesome Spring Flower Color Wheel! I knew this would be perfect for my Lil Divas.

What You Need:
red, yellow and blue paint
paint brushes
fingerpainting paper
green construction paper - cut out a stem and leaves
Blue background paper (can be any color you choose)
white construction paper - cut out 6 flower petals & 1 circle for the center
green tissue paper - optional for grass

What To Do:

1. Prep - I put some red, yellow and blue paint on fingerpaint paper (it's pretty good at preventing tears and leaks), spacing them far apart. I also provided 6 different brushes so we didn't mix up all our colors by using the same brush.

2. The Lil Divas started by mixing yellow & blue to make green. This was fresh on their mind due to the story we had read.

3. Then we mixed blue with red to make purple

4. Finally, we mixed red and yellow to make orange

5. Using the colors they made the Lil Divas then colored 1 white flower petal cut out for each color on the paper. This was going to make our flower color wheel after it dried a bit.

In the meantime, while we waited for the petals to dry the Lil Divas kept exploring color mixing which eventually lead to this............. MESSY FUN :)

After Dance class the petals were dry and ready for us to complete our Flower Color Wheel.
The Lil Divas glued on the stem and we arranged the colors in order, reviewing which primary colors had mixed together to produce which secondary colors.

Then we added some grass using green tissue paper. The result was .............

Hope you enjoyed our Flower Color Wheels!

More Rainbow themed fun to come!



  1. They look awesome! Tell your little ladies I am so proud ;-)

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. This is a great way to teach kids about secondary colors.

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  3. This looks like a lot of fun! I will have to try it with my boys. We homeschool and are always looking for some fun activities!

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  5. That is super sweet!! I thought I was already following you, but for some reason I was not. I am now!! Hope you come by to visit. I am starting a new craft blog hop over on my blog next week. You should come link up your crafty ideas. :)

  6. So cute- I think my boy would like that, if we made something boyish of course ;) I found you through bassgiraffe's Blog Hop! Nice to meet up!! Lisa

  7. I love all of these great rainbow ideas! So much fun. Thanks for participating in News from Your Nest & hope you'll visit my3littlebirds again soon.

  8. This is a great way to introduce colors. Great idea!

  9. The flowers are lovely! A perfect way to explore colours!


  10. Cute! What a pretty way to introduce a color wheel! Stopping by from Preschool Corner. :)

  11. Love the color mixing!

    Thanks for linking this up with For the Kids Friday at Sun Scholars!

  12. Thanks for sharing your fun color mixing activity. I love it!


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