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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Public, Charter or Homeschool? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Lately my mind is very preoccupied with school. Kindergarten to be precise! In August my oldest Diva starts the big K. I am completely bewildered as to how my baby is now all of a sudden old enough to be in Kindergarten. I say it all the time, but honestly can someone tell me where the time goes?

Aside from that, things are weighing heavily on my mind because I DO NOT want my Lil Diva to go to our local (zoned for) school. This causes problems. First, we can't afford private school so that is not an option for us. We have 2 local Charter Schools but entry is via lottery. I have applied but it's all just wait and see and even these schools - I'm not 100% happy with at this time.

One of the Charter Schools is going to be brand new - it's not even completed yet. The company behind it has a great track record of A schools throughout the state and I like it's model/curriculum/philosophy but am leery of it because it has no history. It will be a gamble. It might possibly not even be ready on time - sigh!

The other Charter School is a school I actually used to work for before it became a public Charter School. The philosophy is still the same, it is run by the same companyI worked for, but they have a new curriculum/model that I am ususre about. They are the only school in the entire County following this model and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It seems to have it's + and - . I was given a tour by a teacher who was not so great at explaining things so that could be part of what turned me off. He didn't seem very hands-on or creative. That worried me since we know now children do not just learn by listening (as was the traditional custom of teaching years ago) - they need to be an active part of their learning in order to retain the information.

Of course as with any school - much depends on the teacher and how she/he delivers their lessons. Being a teacher I know this, and I think that's where my biggest problems stem from. Turning over the control! :)

I know learning begins at home - it begins with me as the parent. As you can see from this blog, I take that role seriously. I want my Lil Divas to be excited about learning. That is why this choice is so important. I want my Lil Diva to go to school and be happy to be there.  I want her to learn, explore and grow to her fullest potential. I do not want her to be a forgotten child in a seat.

I have decided that if things don't work out I will homeschool her next year. I know I can do it - the problem is that I can not do it long term. I wish I could but I have to go back to work. The hubby is feeling overworked and tired carrying the burden of our finances. All he talks about is when I will be going back to work. Sigh. Why does everything have to be hard?

Keep us in your thoughts & prayers as we try to figure out what will be best for our Lil Divas. If you have any experience or advice with this - please share! I feel so lost!



  1. Praying for you! We will be in your situation the following year, and I am already stressing over it. I agree that being a teacher makes it a more difficult decision. Good luck!!!

  2. Perhaps you should check into zone variances at better schools. They will usually have an alloted # of openings for out of area students.

  3. Bern don't worry to much. The good thing about this entire dilema is that your a teacher and can and will be able to judge how much she is learning. I say you have an advantage that some don't. If you feel she is not getting the right amount of education she needs can always step in and fix it. You are hands on and that's important

  4. We are in the same situation. Our oldest will start kindergarden this year and while we would love to send him to private school we cannot afford it and do not like our public schools. So we are homeschooling! Do you have a homeschooling conference anywhere near you? We went last year and while it is overwhelming it was really good! Here is the link to ours- they have a few around the county

  5. These are the decisions that haunt us mommies. My guy is 2 I already worry about where he will go or what these times will bring the system. Hope everything works out for the best for your little diva and your family.

  6. Who knew picking a school could be so challenging. It's one of the things I miss about living in a small town. Everybody just goes to public school or Christian school.

  7. I agree with Cynthia,
    Check into a zone change, I know they do it, I just don't know what the criteria is. I know if your "zoned" school is not an A school, you can submit your request based on that. Good luck, I have been worried too, but we are lucky to be zoned for a good school, but I still worry :( Good luck, I know whatever choice you make will be right for your family!

  8. Calm down Sis! you will figure it out soon, just pray for the guidance... BTW, Happy friday blog hop.
    I am your newest follower,

  9. Following from Friday Blog Hop - Would love a follow back!
    I know exactly what you are saying - I don't like our district home school - I did send my girls to private and when my oldest started high school - I started her in public - I got a interdistrict transfer and that was a big mistake - too much of an element that my kid could not handle.. She is finishing out her 9th grade year in on line charter home school and will go back to private next year... very tough decision - I will most definitely prayer for you and your little Divas.
    Love to you
    I've Become My Mother
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    Amazing Salvation

  10. Just checking out blogs from the Friendly Friday link up, and I came across this particular post of yours. My prayers are with you on making the right decision. It's a very difficult decision, for sure, but you already do such a wonderful job of teaching them (as seen in your other posts)... it doesn't like your girls will ever have to worry about having a love of learning or someone to teach them!

  11. I'd just go ahead with homeschooling. Our local schools suck, and I am hoping to be in a position to just go the homeschool route (I was homeschooled for middle and highschool years).

  12. Oh, what a hard situation. I hope it works out for you! I am nowhere near needing to make this type of decision, as my oldest just turned 2, but I applaud you for being so active in your girl's learning and schooling. With a mom like you I'm sure they will be just fine wherever they go to school! - Amy


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