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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

P is for Penguin - Fun Penguin Math

We are currently exploring P is for Penguin. Who doesn't love those adorable, wobbly, flightless birds! We sure do!


We did a fun math related activity to reinforce number recognition, number word recognition , counting and numeral writing for 1 thru 10.

Here's what you'll need:
1. Penguin Shapes - I bought a cute Penguin notepad at the Teacher Store to use during this theme. It was perfect for this activity. I took 10 penguin pages and numbered them from 1 thru 10 with both the numbers and number words
2. Goldfish Crackers
3. Number cards - for tracing

Here's What We Did:

1. I gave each lil Diva some goldfish and a stack of cards for tracing/writing numers 1 thru 10. The penguin pages were mixed up and stacked in between them.

2. The Lil Divas took turns turning over a penguin then identifying the numberand counting out the correct number of goldfish.

3. Each Lil Diva then had to find the correct number tracing card and practiced writing the number chosen.

4. After we went through all the mixed-up penguins we arranged them in order from 1-10!

There was lots of snacking along the way and tons of fun being had! It was a great activity!



  1. What a great idea, I bet the little diva's had great fun :)

    I am following you from the Good Friends Click Blog Hop. If you get the chance please stop by my blogs

    Thanks :)

  2. Hi, I am a new follower via the bloghop! I really love all of the wonderful educational ideas you implement with your children. I have an infant, so I am looking forward to those educational and interactive activities with her in the near future!



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