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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Lil Diva Cowgirl is 5 Today!

5 few weeks ago I wrote a post titled Where Does the Time Go? about my Lil Diva turning 5 in 5 weeks!

Now that day is here and I honestly can't believe it! There are days where time seems to move so slowly and then there are days like today where I am completely taken aback at how fast the years are flying by!

Being able to watching my Lil Divas grow, nurture them and receive such unconditional love from them is beyond compare. I always knew I wanted to be a MOM - but I never knew it would feel like this!

I have loved and been loved by many people in my life because I have been blessed with a wonderful family and amazing friends. Yet, nothing compares to the feeling that overcame me as soon as I looked at each of my baby girls.

I love both of my Lil Divas beyond compare but on this day 5 years ago I became a MOM for the 1st time. There is something special about that and it's a moment that I will never forget. My life was forever changed by this perfect lil being. She filled me with new purpose, hope, understanding and an even greater capacity to love than I ever thought possible.

She fills our days with her joy & laughter, her unconditional and unbounding love, her ever changing hopes and dreams and yes sometimes a few tears. I cherish every moment and am both grateful and proud to be her Mom.

I thought it would be fitting to celebrate the first 5 years of her life! For one so young she has brought so much love and joy into all our hearts!

Newborn Cuteness:

1 Yr. Old: 

2 Yrs. Old: 

3 Yrs. Old (Disney Makeover Birthday)

4 Yrs. Old: 

5 Yrs. Old: 

Wishing you a very
Happy 5th Birthday
My Lil Cowgirl!

I Love You!


  1. Awwww. My little man is going to be 5 in May and I don't know how to handle that and him going to school next year! They grow up WAY to fast!

  2. Congratulations to both you, MOM!, and the lil Miss! Shall I open that bottle of wine now or is it still to early in the day? (Technically, it *is* grape juice, right? RIGHT?!) Happy Birthday and best wishes for a magical, adventurous future. (And not so many gray hairs for mom.)

  3. AWW happy birthday to your lil diva. LOVE her long hair!

  4. What a beautiful little girl. Isn't it amazing how much she grew this past year?! I can't believe my little one with be 2 in 6 months! It seems like we just had her 1st birthday. goes too fast!

  5. Happy Birthday to your little one.

    I am following you via GFC.

  6. She's a doll!

    Returning the follow. Thanks for coming by!

    -Alyssa from <a href=">She's Mommafied!</a>


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