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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Winter Theme - M is for Mitten: Marble Paint Mittens & Mitten Math

The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen

Activity: Marble Paint Mittens

-Box w/lid
-mitten cut out

Step 1: Tape the mitten cut-out into the box (to keep secure), place dabs of paint along the edge of the box and place a handful of marbles inside the box as well.

Step2: Close Lid or Seal Box and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE! The Lil Divas LOVED this part! The more you shake the more paint you spread. You can always open the box to check on it & see if you would like to shake it up some more! :)

Step 3: Behold your unique Marble Painted Mitten!

Have Fun Shaking It Up!

Learning Fun: Mitten Math

This was an easy and simple math review. (Note: I used Mitten stickers from Oriental Trading)

For the Littlest Diva I kept it simple and numbered her paper from 1 to 5 (in order) and had her put the correct number of mittens:

Since this was a simple task for the Oldest Diva I put her numbers out of sequence (great test of number recognition) and had her do simple patterns. She came up with the patterns on her own.



  1. How cute! I am a new follower I found you at catch a wave Wednesday blog hop!

  2. Too cute! I'll have to do the marble mittens for sure! Following you from the blog hop! :)

  3. Cute pics!! Following you back!!

    Michele aka MikiHope

  4. Love the marble painting! Great idea!

  5. One day, your girls are going to look back and remember all these memories you are making


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