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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lil Diva's 5th Birthday Cowgirl Party

The Lil Diva had an amazing birthday party!

She got to live out her Cowgirl Fantasies and was so happy.

Here are a few pics from her big day!

My Lil Cowgirl visiting w/the horses while waiting for her guests to arrive

The Cowgirls getting ready to party! 

The Cowgirls learned about
what horses eat
they smelled and touched
different types of hay and grain 

We learned that a small mark on a horse's face is called a "star"
while a long one like this is called a "blaze". 

The Birthday Girl was so happy! 

The Cowgirls played
 "Pin the Tail on the PONY"  

Paint Splattering T-Shirts!  

All ready to ride 

Yeehaw, My Lil Cowgirl!

She was so excited 

My Littlest Cowgirl - she was so cute! 

Cake Time - I LOVED the ease of this cupcake cake! 

Even I had fun feeding the horses carrots 

Western PB&J - I love my cookie cutters!

The Finished Paint Splatter T-Shirts
from the party - every Cowgirl
got to make one
(they were all colorful & unique!)
& take them home along w/the
Cowgirl Hats, Bandanas and Western themed Goody Bags I provided!

BTW - Did you know a horse's heart weighs around 10lbs, they have a brain roughly the size of a large potato and are considered a "dumb" animal! We learned a lot of interesting facts at the party, lol!

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  1. That is so cute, it looks like she had an awesome time! Happy Birthday to her!!!!

    The stable where my daughter rides does really cute "pony palooza" parties but Alex's birthday is in January so it's always too cold for her to do that. Which she is not happy about let me tell you! :-)


  2. What a great party! :)

    Thanks for stopping by, we're following you back.

    Have a great day!

  3. what a beautiful party and such fun ideas. looks like a great time. Stopped by to follow you and hope you'll do the same

  4. WHat a great party idea!! following back :)

  5. Following from hop, hope you will follow back

  6. Looks like a great party. My oldest loves horses too :)

  7. what a cool party! A nice change from all the princesses I see (though I do love the princess theme...)

  8. Yea I'm so happy she had fun after all that's what matters and Bern you did a wonderful job planning and making it happen. Your a KOOL mom...Ti

  9. Where did you get the tshirt with horse pictures on it?
    Love the idea!

    1. they made them as the craft at the party. We used plain white t-shirts and they splattered fabric paint on them and then applied the horse via a stencil. They were DIY and very well loved by all the girls.


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