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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Colorful Footprint Penguins = Tickly, Messy FUN!


Activities: my camera battery died :( while we were working on the games so I ahve no pics of the games.  I have provided links for what we did as they were easy and fun penguin themed color games! I'll try and get pics and add them to the post.

1. Penguin Bow Tie Match Game - I found a cute Penguin Color Word Game via Making Learning Fun 

2. Roll and Color Dice Addition - Penguin Roll and Color Dice Game also came from Making Learning Fun

3. Colorful Footprint Penguins - In honor of PINK! the Lil Divas made colorful footprint penguins! What tickly, messy fun we had! There were definitely lots of Lil Diva giggles during this craft! :)

BTW, the pics taken during the feet painting was done by the Lil Divas themselves as I was busy painting little feet! I think they did a good job! :)

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Paint (whatever colors you want to use) - we used washable fingerpaint & it worked great & came right off with a wet washcloth
2. Paintbrushes - I used 1 for each color
3. Construction paper - for background

Here's What to Do:
1. Paint inner foot white - this will be the penguin's belly and face

2. Paint outer edge in desired color - for rest of the penguin's body 

3. Paint Big Toe Orange - this will be one foot 

4. Paint 3rd & 4th Toes Orange - this will be the 2nd foot 

5. Press Footprint onto Paper 

6. Paint thumb same color as body and apply to each side of the penguin's body - this will be the wings 

This is an example of what the painted footprint penguin will look like at this point

7. To finish the penguin add wiggly or paper eyes and an orange triangle cut out for the bill - you can also use markers and color them on

The Littlest Diva (3 yrs. old) wrote in the letter P's in the saying "P is for penguin" 

The Oldest Diva (5yrs. old) wrote it on her own with me spelling the words for her orally 

I just LOVE footprint & handprint crafts! Don't you?

Their feet won't always be this little and it's such a cute momento to save for later!



  1. Thank you for the nice comments! My son would LOVE this activity! He is all about anything paint :)

  2. Thanks for the blog-hop follow. I'm following back! This art project is about the cutest thing I think I have ever seen. My "babies" are 15, so there's no way they're letting me paint their feet but I have a niece and nephew that are 2 and 3 that I know will love this. Thanks.

  3. Oh my what fun. It's nice to know that you can have fun, learn and spend quality time with very little money and plenty of creativity and time. I wish I was young again so I can do all these neat things with my little ones. I guess I can look forward to playing with my grandchildren some day...Love it Bern

  4. very fun ideas love it !my nieces favorite animal is a penguin

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