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Friday, January 21, 2011

S is for Snowman/Snowflake - Writing, Phonics & Math Learning Fun

To review the letter Ss I found some wonderful learning resources & activities online that I just have to share with you all! I am always looking for fun and easy ways to make learning fun and these activities were able to provide just that!

Alphabet & Phonics Fun:

I always like to review letter recognition and beginning sounds with my girls when we work on a theme. My oldest knows all her letters but she still has fun reviewing and helping her little sister. My youngest knows her letters very well but some of the lowercase letters still confuse her - so I like to reinforce those as much as possible.

Whenever I review a letter I also introduce it's sound. This is an essential pre-reading skill.

I found some wonderful resources from that I turned into quick games to help review both Lettter Ss Recognition and it's Sound (Phonics). I laminated each page for durability and used felt snowflake stickers as fun and easy game markers. really has a wonderful website of fun resources & activity ideas. I highly recommend it for young learners.

1.  The first game we played was the Snowman Letter Search.  The girls had to sinad all the upper case and lower case letter Ss and put a snowflake marker on each one.

Click here for Snowman Letter Search - you will have to scroll through for the letter Ss

2. Then we worked on the Letter S sound. The girls had to identify all the pictures with S as their beginning sound and mark it with a snowflake. This was great review of various sounds as I had them identify the other picture sounds that weren't S as well.

Click here for Snowman Letter Sounds - you will have to scroll through for the letter Ss

Pattern Block Fun: Snowman & Snowflake Templates for pattern blocks (also from

*If you do not have your own pattern blocks here is a free printable template to make some from - Click here for Pattern Blocks Template *

I have a set made by Learning Resources that I bought from Ace Educational, a local teacher store, and used when I was teaching 1st grade but they can also easily be found on Amazon. Click here for Amazon listings of Pattern Blocks
The girls really had fun working with the pattern blocks. I love using these math manipulatives because they reinforce recognition of basic geometric shapes and of course shape matching but they also help with spatial relations and can even be used as art tools to create fun mosaics!

We worked on creating the snowflake and snowman patterns from the free templates that I printed via and laminated for durbalility.

Writing Practice - One of my absolute fave sites for Free Traceable Alphabet Worksheets  is Kids Learning Station. Their Alphabet Templates are really good for practicing correct letter formation! Their site also has printables for numbers, shapes, colors, fine motor skills practice and phonics. I definitely recommend checking it out - they really have some great learning resources.

Click here for Letter Ss - free printable template

Let me know if you use any of these or find any other great things to share on the sites I mentioned!


The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats


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