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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mom's Week in the Numbers!

I thought this would be a fun way to review my week so here it goes:

1 Bathroom/Toilet Flood - tons of water everywhere & let me tell you it was not fun to clean-up :(

2 Screaming Divas over the above mentioned flood and the chaos it caused - UGH!

3 days spent in Orlando :)

4 hrs. spent at a kiddie birthday party

5 days in which the Lil Diva's were off school - Thursday thru Monday, YIKES!

6 hrs. spent in the car driving to and from Orlando for our mini family getaway - lots of reading time for me, YAY!

7 movies watched by the Lil Divas during that drive - what did we ever do without those portable DVD players the girls received from my wonderfully thoughtful aunt this Christmas?! What a great gift!

8 books I read to the Lil Divas this week

9 packages that arrived in the mail (or via UPS or Fedex) - most were gifts for the Oldest Diva whose birthday is fast approaching or items relating to her party - she can't wait to finally get her hands on everything since she recognized her name on many of the packages, LOL!

10 posts I made to my lovely blog! WOW!

What was your week like?



  1. What a week! Mine's too long to write as a comment. You'll read it in my blog. :-)

  2. love the way you made the review by numbers. I'll do that next time. And thanks for the comment on my blog the other day!=)

  3. Thank you for coming by my blog! Looking forward to reading about your Mom Adventures. :) Following your tweets too.

  4. Hi! I saw you on Mom Bloggers. Love your list. I really identify with #1 - been there done that!

    @luciamia on twitter :-)

  5. You had a very active week. Compared to yours mine was just a blink! Thank you for stopping by and following. I am now following you. I am off to read your great posts now.

    Have a great day!


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