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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas Birthday Review & Giveaway Extravaganza - Ebeanstalk Site Review Site Review
We have had a string of birthday parties to attend since the start of the New Year! Turning 5 is a big deal and all the kids in my Oldest Diva's Pre-K class have been celebrating in style! While we all love a good party, I dread buying gifts for the Lil Diva's classmates! I honestly never know what to buy, especially when it's a boy, lol!

This is why I was so excited when I found I initially found the site over the holiday season while doing my online shopping and was instantly impressed. Why? Honestly, there are many reasons why I think is a cut above the rest but let me go over a few key things with you that really impressed me as both a mom and an educator.

Ebeanstalk is a wonderful toy website that allows you to search for toys by specific age groups as well as by category. Everything is so organized and easy to view and find - shopping is enjoyable again! They have a quick "Top Sellers List" of their best selling toys, A "What's New" section where you can quickly see all the latest additions to their inventory and a "Great Gift Ideas" section broken down by age.

With toys for children aged newborn thru 12 years old there is sure to be something to please every child on your shopping list. What I personally liked was the fact that they had so many wonderful developmentally appropriate learning toys! I am all for kids having fun and for kids toys=fun but I also like to know they are learning something while playing.

Ebeanstalk has carefully matched each learning toy with the appropriate stage of development. For toys in the Baby Toys thru to the  4 year old toys categories it is even broken down into 3 month increments! How great is that?! As a mom and an educator I really appreciate this and I think it definitely sets Ebeanstalk apart from other toy websites where all you see is "Recommended for ages 2 and up", etc.

They also have an instruction card which accompanies each toy that provides a description of the toy, why they love it and the primary skills the toy helps develop. Seriously, isn't that just awesome information? YES, it is!

So go ahead & check them out and see for yourself - I honestly believe you'll be pleased with what you find, I definitely was!

Here are a few more quick links to get you all going:
Happy Shopping,

Disclaimer:I was not compensated for this review, however, I will be receiving a toy for a future review. That being said, this review is my 100% honest opinion of this website - I really do think it is an awesome site, which was why I was so excited to be given the opportunity review a toy from them in the near future! Be sure to stay tuned! 


  1. That sounds like a great idea! I like how it categorizes the toys by ages. I will have to check it out!

    On another note, thanks so, so much for your really nice comment on my blog the other day (the post about my son & his hot chocolate at Barnes & Noble). I'm glad I made you laugh! :)

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  3. I'll have to check out -- it sounds like a wonderful site!

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