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Monday, January 31, 2011

Lil Diva Party Girls

This weekend contained way too much partying for the Lil Divas! I am exhausted from the festivities, feel like I got nothing accomplished at home and the youngest Diva is now sick and stayed home from preschool today with a fever! 

On top of that, our own Lil Diva's birthday is on Thursday and her party on Saturday! Oh My! Where does the time go? So much to do this week! I am slightly panicked!

Back to our weekend:

On Friday we met up with friends at a fun bounce house place nearby called Jump Zone! My how the Lil Divas jumped, bounced, slid and ran all around! They were in bed and asleep before 8pm! That part was quite lovely for this Lil Diva Mama!

On Saturday we attended a fun birthday party at Plaster Carousel. The Lil Divas LOVE it there so this was a great treat! Here's a peek at what they made at the party -

On Sunday the Oldest Diva and I attended a birthday party at Pump It Up - yes more jumping, sliding and bounce houses! All that excitement plus the SUGAR had the Lil Diva a lil wacky! She was jumping around like a lil wild girl and loving every second of it!

This week will be busy, busy, busy but also full of great things for my Diva Cowgirl  who is turning 5! Tomorrow she begins an adorable program called PonyPalooza Club which is an introduction to horses and horse care at a nearby barn (where she is also haveing her birthday party). It is a suprise so SHHHH! I know she is going to be completely over the moon! I have had such a hard time keeping the secret! :)

Her birthday present has also arrived! Yippee! She has been begging for an American Girl Doll that looks like her & is dressed as a Cowgirl - would you expect anything less? Of course this Mama (& her Daddy - he hates when I leave him out!) had to oblige & she is here - hidden away in my closet until Thursday!

This is going to be such an amazing birthday for my Diva Cowgirl ! She deserves it - she is an amazing Lil Girl and I am both blessed and proud to be her Mama! :)



  1. That is dandy looking horse!!

    Your secret is safe with me!I am great about keeping secrets. ;)

  2. Great job on the horse! Happy birthday to her!

  3. That was huge keeping a secret I know that was really hard. I remember telling you every secret present you got when you were little. Shhhhh hope your mom is not reading this Ti

  4. Thanks for stopping by and following Frazzled Mama. I'm following you back. Preschool today went great. She loved it. I agree with everything you said about the conversation between my husband and his "friend". I'm just glad that he didn't argue with me about not talking to her anymore.

    I hope your daughter has a wonder birthday!!!

  5. Sounds like you have a busy week! She's going to love her gift. Kudos to you for keeping your surprise a secret - it's tough, but well worth it. Have a wonderful week, remember to take time out to breath =)

  6. Hey lady. I gave you an award over on my blog if you want to check it out!

  7. what adorable little ladies..

    thanks for stopping by my little corner..
    ps.. her day went great.. i got told today that only one kiss when i drop her off and then i have to go.. far out..

  8. They are just too cute! She will just LOVE that! I just know it, as a horse lovin gal myself! :0)


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