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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lil Diva Cowgirls!

The Lil Divas (really my oldest) are in a Cowgirl/Horse loving phase! It's so cute - she really just wants to be a cowgirl and is enamoured with all things HORSE related!

She just got her first "cowgirl" hat and has been wearing it proudly for days! Of course it had to be purple - any other color simply would not do for my purple loving Lil Diva! :) See pics below of my Lil Diva Cowgirl!

She is quickly making a collection of toy horses and insists she needs a barn for them (but of course!). She proudly wears her pony themed pj's and wants any book she sees with a horse in it! Basically, if it has a horse she wants it! I think she's getting just a tad obsessed lol, but really what lil girl doesn't want their own horse? :)

I love to see her so passionate and enamoured with something that is so all her own! I honestly don't know where it came from bc we sure don't have any horses but her love is real and so enthusiastic!

Her 5th birthday party is going to be held on a working barn in 2 weeks (yikes - still so much left to plan!). She is beyond excited to put it mildly! I actually can't wait myself - I can't wait to witness her excitement and happiness!

I mean honestly, can it get much better for a horse loving cowgirl than to have your birthday party in a barn surrounded by real horses! Score 1pt for mom - I had an awesome idea, didn't I? Actually I think that deserves 10 pts - wouldn't you agree? :)

Any other horse loving cowgirls out there?

Do your kids have any obsessions they are totally into at the moment?

I know they do - so share! :)


  1. Aw, she's such a sweetheart!

    My daughter is also obsessed with anything that has to do with horses! And, dancing and singing! No day goes by without a little performance of hers!!!
    Have a great day!

  2. Oh, for fun! That should be a fun party. What kind of cake? Cowgirl? Horse? Barn? Decisions, decisions.

  3. Following from Follow Me Back Tuesday - glad to have found your blog!

    I enjoyed your post. My son's obsession, after someone got him his own tool box for bday - is dismantling everything in the house :)

    Following you via GFC and RSS.

  4. OH! She is a pretty cowgirl! I'm so glad you found her a purple cowgirl hat.

    My daughter had her 5th birthday party at a horse farm as well. It was great fun.

  5. She's so cute! I have three little boys, so it is all snakes and army men and wrestling here :)

    I'd love it is someone would want to have a tea party and play princess once in awhile!

  6. What an adorable little cowgirl! Her birthday party sounds like it is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

    I stopped by today looking for an email address so I could respond to the comment you left on my blog about guest posting for a Saturday Playdate. I cannot find an email address here anywhere, or in your profile. (Maybe I'm just blind???) Can you shoot me an email at leeann(at)thelifeofrylie(dot)com? Thanks!

  7. Hi, it's me again! I just awarded you with the stylish blogger award!

  8. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog. I was just stopping by to follow back. The girls look great. My son is into Toy Story.

  9. following back! Thanks for sharing the love!

  10. She is so sweet!! From one purple lovin diva to another:)

  11. Oh she is so sweet! I love grand daughter Julia is 10 and she has adored horses since she was 6. She wants to be a vet.
    The party sounds so exciting I hope you will post pictures!
    Thank you for visiting and following at

  12. What a cute cowgirl!!

    Thanks for the follow and the comment. Following you back! Can't wait to read more of your posts!


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