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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Great Wii Games for Beginners

One of the Lil Divas fave gifts this past Christmas has been the Wii! I was excited about getting somehting we could all play and enjoy together but was a bit worried they would be too young to actually do much playing! With a bit of reasearch I found a few games that were geared towards beginners and hoped for the best. We haven't tried them all out yet but I had to share our experience with the games we have played because the Lil Divas are really enjoying them.

The Youngest Diva's favorite Wii game is Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom (rated E - Everyone)

In this game you play "Dora" and help restore color to the Crystal Kingdom by finding all of the color crystals that have been hidden in various locations by a greedy King.

This game has been perfect for a beginner like my Lil Diva who is 3.5 yrs old. and has never played viedo games like this before. It is very forgiving of mistakes and Dora can not "die" (i.e. fall off a cliff) which means minimal frustration and lots of time to master the movements and learn how to play.

The game is divided up into seperate chapters so there are obvious stopping points which I like because it helps to limit game play.

There is also lots of movement in this game. The player is required to get up and move to have Dora climb, jump, etc... The Lil Diva loves it and it's really cute to watch her in action!

I love that she can actually play the game by herself - it has been such a positive confidence booster for her!

Overall. this is a great beginner game & we would recommend it for other beginners!


The Oldest Diva's favorite game is Disney Princess Enchanted Journey (rated E - Everyone)

This game is perfect for the 4-6 age group! Our youngest can not play on her own like she can with the above Dora game but our Oldest Diva who will be 5 in a few weeks plays on her own, with minimal help every now and then if she gets stuck on something.

In this game you create your own Princess in Training character. The Lil Diva loved choosing the character's skin tone, hair & eye color, dress and accessories to create her own Princess. 

Using the wii remote as your magic wand you visit the worlds of Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and Princess Jasmine to help them restore order to their kingdoms from the mess the "Bogs" have caused. The Bogs are the bad guys in the game but once defeated they become harmless butterflies - nothing scary here.

The game is divided into chapters (once again great for younger attention spans & perfect for monitoring game play) which increasingly progress in difficulty.  As you go through the chapters you learn the skills required for the next chapter so it is challenging but doable. 

Once all the chapters have been completed you unlock the special Belle Kingdom - we are not there yet but The Lil Diva is looking forward to making it there - we love Belle!

Overall, this game is perfect for your Princess lovers and beginners.  I wouldn't recommend it for really young players as a game they could play alone.  They will definitely need help especially with the harder chapters but it is a great family friendly game. 

We will keep you posted on the other games as we furthur explore playing with our Wii!

Do you have any favorite family friendly Wii games you would recommend?



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  2. We love our Wii too but I have an 8 y/o son who's all into football. That's all we have right now. My Little Miss isn't old enough to play the Wii yet. :)

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  5. I love Wii games. Amy is really into Wii at the moment, she goes through phases of enjoying playing on Wii Fit and Wii Sport. I recently bought her iCarly on Wii and she's really enjoying that.

    Great review.
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  16. My kids are a little older than yours, but they enjoy anything Mario for the Wii, even the old school games that we played as kids :)

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  17. I love the Wii!! The kids become so good on those games that it is hard to beat them.


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