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Thursday, January 6, 2011

G is For Gingerbread - Day 3 & 4

I just realized how behind I was on my Learning Fun posts! I never finished posting our G is for Gingerbread activities and we are already in to S is for Snow, Snowflake & Snowman! :(

Here are a few more of our G is for Gingerbread activities:

Day 3 consisted of making Gingerbread Cookies (I forgot to take pics of our final products before I let the girls eat them!)

The girls had fun using the cookie cutters to make the Gingerbread Men. We also used Alphabet Cutters to make their nicknames because I did not want to make too many of the Gingerbread Men. I didn't wnat to get stuck decorating tons of them, lol!

We used Little tubes of colored icing to make eyes, a nose, a mouth and some buttons on most of them. The Lil Divas made 1 special one each. They turned them into Gingerbread Girls with hair and clothes! :) So cute!

We also visited Starfall's Gingerbread Man online activity which was very cute! You get to decorate a Gingerbread Man but I think the girls fave part was the end! The final product is animated and he runs and jumps all over the screen - we watched it over and over!

Day 4 - Gingerbread Alphabet Match Activity courtesy of

I printed out the pieces and laminated them for durabilty. I only used the lower case letter circles because the girls know their upper case letters and I wanted to review matching the lower case letters to their upper case counter part. Both upper and lower case letters are available via the link for use as needed. This is a free printable and it's in color & very cute! I love when I find good resources that are also FREE!

Day 5 Wrap-up coming soon!



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