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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"I'm Talking to the Toilet"

Two of the funniest people I know happen to be my lil divas. They seriously crack me up! Here's a story that is sure to make you laugh (or at least smile).

Last night we went for a quick bite to eat with my mom and stopped at Target. The Lil Divas LOVE Target! They would go everyday and happily spend hours there if you let them!

Anyway, that's not the point of the story! So, back to my story..... Bri of course cons my mom into buying her these Squinkies. Which are these tiny , squishy collectible figures that come in these little plastic balls (like those out of a toy vending machine but way smaller). These figures are tiny and there seems to be over a hundred of them. I have held out on buying them (and there has been numerous cases of begging) because I saw them being instantly lost or worse, being left all over the place for me to step on! So, of course Bri works her charm & surprise, surprise..... grandma buys them!

The girls are all oohing & ahhing like crazy over these little figures last night (I personally don't get it but hey, it's not for me right!).  I had to convince them they couldn't sleep with them because they would get lost during the night and they wouldn't be able to play with them anymore! So (of course) first thing this morning they are asking for their Squinkies.

Bri got dressed in record time so she could start playing right away! She takes her Squinkies and goes into the bathroom to be by herself (in other words away from her sister). I am combing Jas' hair and we can see Bri where she sits on the step/stool just talking to these little squinkies that she has placed on top of the toilet lid. I mean the girl was really carrying on an entire conversation. I just had to stare at her and smile - she has such an imagination! Of course she catches me looking and instantly starts laughing hysterically. So Jas asks her why she's laughing so much (I was wondering too) and she just looks at us and says "I'm talking to the toilet - that's silly right?"

At that point I could not stop laughing myself! Here I thought she was involved in pretend/imaginative play with these new beloved Squinkies and the girl was having a conversation...with the toilet!

Did I not tell you these Lil Divas are hysterical! :)

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