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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gratitude Journals for Kids

Keeping kids reading, writing and learning over the summer is crucial. I recently shared that the Lil Divas were keeping a summer writing journal and enjoying fun writing prompts. Journaling is such a great way to get kids writing. Today, Jen from Kitchen Counter Chronicles is sharing a writing idea that I truly love - a Summer Gratitude Journal!

Here's Jen...........

summer gratitude journal for kids

I am excited to be visiting from my blog, Kitchen Counter Chronicles , and sharing this activity with you today. I have two daughters, who are 7 and 9 years old. They are happy, creative and smart girls, but are they grateful for all that they have? Gratitude. How can I teach my girls gratitude? I try and remind my girls how fortunate we are, to live where we live and have all that we have. The reality is that they are so young and their experiences are so limited, they really cannot understand what the word mean. This summer I decided that I wanted to find a more concrete way to help them understand what it means to be grateful. The idea of a gratitude journal seemed like the perfect tool to use. I hoped that writing in the journal, every day, would help them see all the beauty in life around them. First, I picked up a small journal, with lined pages for each of my daughters. It was important to pick a journal with lined pages, so that writing clearly would be easy. I also provided each of my girls with a pencil to write with.

  gratitude journals 

Next, I wrote a brief poem on the front page about gratitude. I thought this poem would help to inspire them and help them understand that sometimes we might be thankful for the challenges we face, not just the "happy" things that happen.

gratitude journal poem 

Finally, I spoke to each of my girls individually about her journal. I explained that they could write about whatever they like. It is up to them if they write about one thing or more. I only asked that they think about the day and write about what they are thankful for. Whatever that the end of every single day. Each of my daughters had a different reaction. My youngest was excited and explained that she would be writing about 2 things each day. She wanted to put the date on each page. She wanted to number each thing she is grateful for. Her mind is very methodical and logical. I wasn’t surprised by her chosen method. My eldest daughter, on the other hand, decided to write a paragraph each day. She has a real passion for creative writing and that is exactly how her journal is structured. Each day is a new short story of gratitude. This exercise has been wonderful. My daughters have only been writing in their journals for a couple of weeks and I can see them being more thoughtful every single day. At bedtime they check in with each other to make certain they write an entry in their journals. I am so grateful for these gratitude journals. I can’t wait for the end of the summer, when we can all sit down and read them together and reflect on all the amazing things my girls are truly grateful for.

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  1. I love this idea. Hopefully it will continue after the summer as well!

  2. I love all things stationery and letter writing over at so I especially loved your journal idea here. Not only does it foster a grateful heart but gets kids writing too!

  3. Such an amazing journal it is! You can also check out these stylish Eco-Friendly Journals for your kids. They are safe and come with amazing stories.

  4. I appreciate Mom to 2 Posh talent and that Lil Divas journal that she created. Of course, you are right that the children and other people must keep reading, writing, and learning over the summer. As a professional ghostwriter, I am impressed by her work and hope she will continue this amazing work!

  5. No doubt that these little kid did a great job in their holidays and didn't waste their days on just playing video game like these kids can be upcoming Book Ghostwriters of the new era.

  6. I really liked this notebook concept because I adore stationery and letter writing at The Amazon Book Publishing. It encourages students to write as well as cultivate gratitude!


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