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Friday, May 24, 2013

Bye, Bye Baby - Hello Big Girl! The Littlest Diva turns 6

Today my Littlest Diva turns 6. It is a bittersweet day for me. I am proud of the girl she has become and it fills me with pride to watch her grow. Yet, I am sad to see those baby days moving behind us.

Over the past year she entered (& rocked!) Kindergarten, learned how to read and developed a fondness for Junie B. Jones. She lost her first tooth, learned to ride a scooter and rode her bike minus training wheels.  She was addicted to nail polish, adored bracelets, the color pink and all things sparkly. She favors dresses and skirts over pants, became a pro at tying shoe laces and is fond of texting on any phones or devices she can get her hands on. She is a loving, loud, feisty and free-spirited little girl.  We love her more than mere words can ever express and I marvel at the fact that she is mine.

Happy 6th birthday baby girl. Your sweet smile, funny ways, diva antics and sparkling personality make you shine.  May you always feel as happy, loved, hopeful and confident as you do at this stage in your life. You enjoy each and every day to the fullest and you embrace all that life has to offer. Thank you for add so much energy, joy and love to my life.  It's an honor and a blessing to be your mom. Remember that you will always be my "baby" - no matter how old you are!

With Love,
Your Mom


  1. Very cute. My daugher turns 6 in July. She also lost her 1st tooth (earlier this month) & just started liking Junie B. Jones books too. I'm having a hard time with her being 6 & not a baby anymore.

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