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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Amidst all the cards, homemade gifts and school tea parties for Mother's Day I can't help but reflect on it..... MOTHERHOOD.

I am NOT a perfect Mom.
I yell more than I care to admit.
I get frustrated, cranky and tired.
I definitely don't have it all together.

Our meals are not always nutritious.
My house isn't always neat and tidy.
Sometimes we run out of clean socks
because I'm behind on laundry.

I say "no" to things the Lil Divas want.
Sometimes, I say "maybe later" to things they want me to do.
And I say "yes" to way too many things that take up a lot of time,
and even more importantly - takes away from their time with me.

I am NOT a perfect Mom.
But, I love my girls so much more than I ever thought humanly possible.
I work hard everyday to be a good Mom to them.
I do my best to teach them to be good, caring people
and to work hard for what they want.

I hope I inspire them to dream.
I hope that they grow up feeling special & important.
Because they are.
They are also so very loved,
even when I am tired & cranky Mom
and looking forward to the quiet that bedtime brings.

I am NOT a perfect Mom.
I don't have to be.
I do my best each day.
Some days my best is better than others
but I am always learning,
always trying,
always growing
right along with them.

I am NOT a perfect Mom.
I am still learning.
They have taught me so much.
I have learned so much more about myself
since I became a Mom.
I have been surprised by what I am capable of.
I am a stronger, wiser, gentler
and more compassionate version of myself.

Every day of motherhood brings its own adventure.
I am NOT a perfect Mom.
But I am up for the challenge
to try to be the best Mom I can be.
Because although I am far from perfect,
I know I am just right for them.

I know no one can love them more,
do more or want more for them than me.
I am their Mom.
They are my babies.
We are perfect for each other.

PS - The photo above is what we made the grandma's for Mother's Day!
Cuteness right? I LOVE how it turned out! Need to make one for me.


  1. Beautiful post Bern. Happy Mother's Day

  2. Happy Mother's Day! What a sweet post for them to read when they are older.

    1. Thank you so much. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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