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Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Highlights: A Lil Diva Christmas

The Lil Divas had a FABULOUS Christmas!

We left cookies & milk out for Santa 
and put food outside for the reindeer.

Then the Lil divas lay down in bed,
with visions of presents dancing in their heads.

The Lil Divas got LOTS of fun new board games.
I see lots of fun Family Game Night in our immediate future

Some of the day's highlights included -
The Littlest Diva's much anticipated new bike

Look Mom, No Hands!

and The Oldest Diva's scooter.

Zipping through the street is FUN!

Another HUGE hit - FIJIT
Have you seen these toys? 
I wasn't sure what the appeal was when I first saw them 
but the Lil Divas begged & begged for them so the Grandparents obliged.
After seeing them in action  I have to admit this is a kid pleaser!
They chat, dance & tell jokes for lots of interactive fun.
The Lil Divas are really enjoying them.

But, the BIGGEST hits this Christmas were definitely
the American Girl Bitty Twins - Nick & Sally (of The Cat in the Hat fame)

and an ipod touch w/speakers 
for the Michael Jackson obsessed Oldest Diva.

We listened to Another Part of Me on repeat for hours on end today! 
(Thank you for that Disney & Captain Eo!!!)

Plus, Mama got a new camera! WOOHOO!
Can you tell which photos were taken with 
my new Canon Rebel vs the old Canon Point & Shoot?

I am so excited that I'll be able to post better quality pictures! 

How was your Christmas or Hanukkah?
What were your holiday highlights?




  1. Great pictures! We had lots of fun with my two divas too. I love the holidays and seeing the joy in the eyes of my little princesses!

  2. Fun! We have the same cookie plate and mug for Santa's treats!


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