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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Easy Bead Ornaments for Kids

Beads + Pipe Cleaners = 
Fabulous Christmas Ornaments

I may need another tree, 
just to hold all the fabulous ornaments we've been making lately.

Did you get to see our Craft Stick Ornaments?

Today, we are sharing 3 Easy Bead Ornaments.
Remember making these as a kid? I sure do!
I always enjoyed doing this so I knew the Lil Divas would be all over it.

Here's What We Used:
pipe cleaners
(Thanks to Craft Project Ideas for the pipe cleaners!)
tricut beads
jingle bells

The first step was sorting the beads -
we only used red, green, white & yellow.

Candy Cane Bead Ornament

To Make a Candy Cane:
1. Fold over 1 end of a white pipe cleaner to keep beads from falling off.
2. Alternate red and white beads until you receive desired length.
3. Cut off any excess pipe cleaner and fold over end. 
4. Bend to form candy cane.

Wreath Bead Ornament

To Make a Wreath:
1. Fold over 1 end of a green pipe cleaner to keep beads from falling off.
2. Alternate a few green beads and then 1 red bead, 
repeating the pattern until you receive desired length to form a circle.
3. Add a bell to end of pipe cleaner,  cut off any excess. 
4. Wind ends together to close & form a circle with the bell on top.

Star Ornament

To Make a Star:
1. Fold over 1 end of a yellow pipe cleaner to keep beads from falling off.
2. String yellow beads until you reach the end of pipe cleaner. 
3. Bend to form a star.
4. Wind together to close.

To make ornaments add string, yarn or ribbon and hang on your tree.

We have more Homemade Ornaments to share so stay tuned!



  1. Love the simple ornaments and great motor skill practice. I think my boys could handle this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I used to do these with my preschoolers! So much fun. Sometimes I wish baby c was older so I could do all your fun crafts you post!

  3. Such a cute Christmas craft! Thanks for linking up last week for Fun Stuff Fridays. I'd love you to link up with us again.

  4. The star is new to me, but I love them all. I would love it if you would share them at Sharing Saturday.
    Thank you!

  5. I have been looking for those stinking beads in small bags in individual colors but am not having any luck. I just want small packs of Christmas colors but apparently that is too much to ask! I might have to get the giant multi-pack from Michaels so we can make these because they are so cute!


  6. Don't they look lovely!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  7. These are great, Bern! I always loved bead ornaments for kids ... simple yet attractive and great for fine-motor coordination. I featured your post and photo in my post at


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